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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eye on the Skies

Lately I've felt like a well trained hound dog...

my eyes, ears, and nose have 
been on high alert!

High winds and RED Flag Fire Danger
keeps you on your toes when you live
out in the middle of nowhere!

I know there will be no siren or tv
news alert if some farmer sparks a
fire in these parts!  It'll be up to us
and Him to keep us on track for 
more of the same here at Sall Farm!

Lord, how did those pioneers survive the dust bowl days????

There wouldn't be enough wine in 3 counties
to keep me sane through that!

I'm happy to report the winds 
have let up and we did get a little bit of rain
to settle the dust for a day or so!

I've calmed down and unpacked my suitcase

The skies are once again 
a beautiful blue
and I can go hang out another load of laundry

Thursday evening when the wind was still howling
there were grass fires to the southeast 
and storms and tornadoes brewing 
to the southwest....

last night the wind was letting
up and we stood outside and watched 
the most amazing lightning show!
Mitchell was getting pummeled with rain
and we were mesmerized by 
mother nature's fury....

that was our evening entertainment...

much better than anything on television!

Hope you are safe from the storm
and enjoying blue skies wherever you are!

this ol' hound dog is takin' a day off....

Have a super weekend,


TexWisGirl said...

glad you got a spot of rain, and the winds have died down again! i'm hoping for gray, rainy skies myself! :)

Sharon said...

Nothing but blue skies here... still waiting for rain. Love your storm pictures!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The storm pictures are amazing! I've not seen anything like that in a very long time! It's gorgeous in Virginia today, so why am I inside? ;-)

I hope you're continuing to enjoy the weekend!

Country Gal said...

Papa and I love storms with lots of lightning ne gets photos of it all. I am glad to hear your in the safe zone now. Awesome photos. Have a wonderful day !