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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dream On

Five days until Christmas....

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

let's just keep it like that!



 Speaking of dreaming...
Wonderful Kim
has some really great
It's day 9 of her latest
12 Days of Textures
You can link here to day one
and catch up...

her textures are unique
her photography is awesome
and her quotes are inspiring...
check it out
She is really on a roll
with creativity spewing out all over,
hop on over and catch some
for yourself!

I used her "Cosmo" texture
to warm up my winter
tree scene!
It is amazing what adding
textures to photos will do!
I'm hooked, and now I'm 
going back to download 
"Lola" and "Edward" and"Storm"


Karen said...

Hi Lisa, I've been missing going to all my favorite blogs and just took a break to come and visit you and play catch-up. I'm glad I did. Love the textures and the beautiful photos. Amazing work!

Hasn't this weather been wonderful? We didn't get as warm as you did, but there's no snow and the dogs just love to roam the fields with me every day. I just hope this doesn't mean we're going to have snow on the ground until June when Mother Nature finally decides it's time.

I laughed about your Christmas tree 'wars'. I love the tall, skinny ones too, and if I could find a super-big tomato 6' tall cage, I'd probably wrap garland around it and call it good.

This year we cut down a sorry one I kept hitting with the tractor last summer while hauling rocks out. It's actually kinda cute. Much better than the white pines I've had the boys whack down in the back eight with branches on the bottom, nothing but air for two feet and then another row of branches. Makes for challenging decorating!

Always a pleasure to come here, Lisa, Merry Christmas to you and Sall!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I say let it snow for Christmas. Have a good Christmas and I look forward to following you in 2012.

Neringa said...

This is so soft and frosty and dreamy. Very beautiful.

Country Gal said...

We here in Canada want snow for Christmas ! Very strange to us not to have snow ! Lovely post and photo ! I will check out Kim Klassen Cafe ! Have a wonderful day !

barb said...

No snow? No snow! Can't believe it. Isn't South Dakota in the north part of the world? Looking up Mother Nature's number right now.

Donna Hopkins said...

I agree - I'm just discovering the amazing effect textures can create for my photographs. I almost feel like an artist! Your snowy day photo is gorgeous - especially with the little hints of color peeking through. Well done!

Healthier And Wealthier said...

I don't live on a farm but I love visiting blogs who do! Your little part of heaven on earth.

Kathy said...

Gosh, it has been so unseasonably warm here that a white Christmas IS a dream for me this year. I love your photo and what the texture does for it. Visiting from Kim's link up. Merry Christmas.


Farmchick said...

I can't believe Christmas is so close.