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Monday, December 19, 2011


Oh Christmas Tree,
Oh Christmas Tree,
How lovely are thy branches...

Are you like us and have
the annual argument of 
Real or Fake?

Every year I argue for my 
perfectly shaped and 
(yes, I'll admit) unrealistically 
tall and skinny (like a run-way model)
artificial (made-in-china) Christmas tree.

HE argues for the first  
poor excuse for a Christmas tree
he can find from the cheapest place in town...
yes, I married Charlie Brown!

Oh, it's not much of an argument...
more like a fun contest....

after Thanksgiving, the first one to present
their tree to the front door
is the winner.

This year Sall won with his 
REAL tree.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do love 
a real tree and that wonderful balsam scent...

I just want to live in the mountains
where I can go cut my own tree!!

If I lived in Wisconsin I'd head for
St.Croix Valley Trees (where I found this next image)
doesn't it remind you of 
something you'd see on a Christmas card?

Mmmm, I can smell the pine from here....

I would just love to bundle up
and go to Uncle Vern's for a tree...
hitch up the wagon,
let's find us a tree Pa!

We are about 300 miles from the forest
and that's a long way to drag a Christmas tree....

Sall opted for the store bought kind.
And I don't know how he managed it, 
but he actually picked out a very nice Douglas fir!
I think the conversation at the check out counter
lasted longer than the tree inspection,
but what can I say?

Our tree is lovely, adorned with
multi-colored lights and ornaments of red and gold...

So, what kind of tree do you have this year?

Do you have to piece it together,
or do you hunt one down
and haul it to the house
on a sleigh?

Boxed or Fresh-cut,
I'd love to hear about
your Christmas tree!

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful
Holiday Season!
Thanks for stopping by,


Country Gal said...

Lovely pictures ! We used to have real trees but I kind of got fed up with finding pine needles months later in places ya wouldn't of expected them to be lol ! We have a fake tree now easy and simple our Christmas's are now a days ! Have a wonderful day !

TexWisGirl said...

as a kid in wisconsin, one winter my sis and i set out with my dad - yes, pulling a sled, got out into the woods, cut down our own tree and hauled it back home. it was a wonderful day. :)

Sharon said...

Due to lack of enthusiasm and space, we no longer have a tree. I do prefer the artificial ones though, no needles, they hurt bare feet. :-)

I'll bet your tree is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I would still prefer to go cut a tree, but the price has gotten out of hand these days... but I have special memories as a kid and when my kids were little...

barb said...

I swore to always have a real tree. Well then came the drought a few years ago and trees were just to dry. In came plastic and you know the rest. We loved cutting our own in the black hills for a couple of years but "you know who" steals our daughter and takes her to the north pole. Life just never stays the same does it?