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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Very Special Tribute

I knew it on my second date...
{it was ten years ago when my now husband took me
to visit his mom}
 "this was one special lady!!"
She gave me a warm hug and I fell in love with 
both, her and her son!

They've always shared a special bond...
that day I noticed it right away!
Both are gracious and kind,
friendly and spirited...
their conversations went from old times 
to the current state of affairs. Yes, the conversation might 
get a little spirited, politics and religion (they covered it all)
 but, never an unkind word!
They would laugh and share like they were old friends
and I could sit and watch it for hours...
It warmed my heart to see a mother and son
get along so well!

This was some kinda woman....
after all of life's cruelties (divorce, deaths, and poverty)
she raised her children with integrity!
Her will and spirit drove her...
her faith guided her....

Now her life has ended 
and those that she touched (myself especially) feel so BLESSED!

The last time she was at our house...
her mind was deteriorating slowly but, her long term memory was ALL there...
She loved going through the old pictures and 

I wish I could've known her longer...
I so enjoyed her stay with us shortly before
she moved to the nursing home!
One of my proudest moments was seeing
that twinkle in her eyes after a few rounds of UNO!
Teaching UNO to an avid bridge player is no easy task,
I'll have you know!
"I ONLY play bridge", she would tell me!  
Then after a few rounds of stomping me, she
admitted it was a fun game.

It was a real honor knowing you, Erden!

May God and all of Heaven's Angels welcome
you with open arms, just as you did me 10 years ago!
I will miss you dearly sweet lady!

In honor of the best Mother-in-law
a girl could ever ask for!



Country Gal said...

I am so sorry for your loss ! Erden sounded like a wonderful person ! Loved the photos ! She will be missed and never forgotten !

TexWisGirl said...

oh, she sounds like a treasure! i am so sorry for your loss!

Karen said...

What a wonderful tribute to a dearly loved woman. How lucky she was to have you as a daughter-in-law. A life well-lived is a gift to the future generations who will remember her always.

Farmchick said...

A wonderful tribute. So sorry for your loss.

Marigene said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother-in-law...I am so sorry for your loss.

There's one more star up in the sky tonight.
Even though it is far away,
its brightness and warmth
still reach us here
to make the night a little less dark.

ju-north said...

What a lovely lady and good memories to have of her.