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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creative Touches to a Log Home

Our recent job is winding down
and it's time to share 
some pictures of 
what we've been up to....

I'm linking this post with
and soon you'll know why...

see that little speck?

That little speck is a new log home,
about 6 miles from our house.

Close to home, an easy commute to work!!

We were hired to do the interior finish work.
Sall and his crew of one built walls, trim work, tiled, you name it!!

With the owners ideas and tastes in mind,
we took creative hold and ran with it....

Starting with a sheet rocked wall
Sall hand-textured it to make it feel like old barn wood
and I did the faux painting on it...

With hand-made sliding barn doors 
it looks like the side of a barn when you 
enter their house from the garage....

Sky blue on the ceiling 
and some subtle white puffy clouds added in
you don't know if 
you're inside or outside,
cool huh?

Every barn needs a resident cat,
so Sall framed out a window
and I painted Winthrop the cat
looking out, watching for intruders.

(now you see why this post qualifies for "Barn Charm"?)

Sall continued to do his magic with mud and texture
on every interior wall...
I had fun choosing colors and painting behind him.

Lucky for me the owners were happy with all 
of our choices and we kept things rolling
(I love it when your tastes match up with the homeowners!)
everyone was on the same page and happy with the results!!

the picture below doesn't do it justice but,
in the spare bedroom this wall has 3 colors on the walls
and a gorgeous copper metallic finish on the ceiling (also 3 colors)
the technique is difficult and time consuming
but the end product turned out stunning!

I love unique and so does Mrs. Homeowner,
so we continued the creativity into the master suite too...

Sall carved out "tall grass prairie" (he calls it),
and an old fence rail...
I highlighted the grass and rail,
 scattered paintable leaves and gave the rest of the 
wall a color that goes well with the
 grasspaper going on the adjacent wall

I looked out their bedroom window where there is a unique 
rock structure on the top of one of the knolls,
that was my inspiration for the finishing
touch on this next wall....

Granite counter tops,
slate floors,
pine logs,
hickory cabinets, 
copper ceilings,
grass wall papers,
stone fireplaces....
this house has about every
texture imaginable!

as if there aren't enough natural textures,
I just kept coming up with more faux painted ones...

this is a crackled finish in the laundry room....

I'll post more photos as it's still all being finished.

Tomorrow I'll share the making of the stone fireplace with you!
20 Feet of incredible rockwork!!

Until tomorrow,
Have a great day!
and be sure to check out some barns


TexWisGirl said...

you are creative and talented souls! :)

Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

I love it all looks amazing ! Great job guys cant wait to see more ! Sorry bout that comment, blogger went wonky on me lol .Have an awesome day !

barb said...

Meow! Love it! I'm jealous of your talent and that house.

Anonymous said...

Incredible! Wonderfully done! I love the huge red sliding barn door & the kitty window! Awesome work! =)

Thanks a ton for joining this week's Barn Charm =)))

EG Wow said...

Thank you for showing us your work. Talented you are for sure!

Tanya Breese said...

wow...great job!

Michelle a.k.a. Farmchick said...

You two are so talented. I love the creativity.

Lesley said...

Very creative. As if a log house wasn't unique enough!
I love the idea of the barn doors inside - and even painted red!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What awesome talent !
As if the log house wasn't gorgeous enough, you have turned it into a masterpiece :)
Sigh....one day I'll get my log house.