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Monday, January 9, 2012

Pheasant Season 2011 Photo Revue

Another season of good hunting
and camaraderie to add to our history book...

Our local Amkota Farm and Home store
kept the shelves stocked with ammo.
There were plenty of holes shot in the sky
and the hunters just kept buying more shots:)

The scene was set...

plenty of wide open prairie with
tall grasses and cornfields peppered
with native Pheasants.

The weather was beautiful all season
with the exception of one or two weekends
of light snow

The dogs were happy
in any kind of weather...

eager to point and retrieve
they were ready for action!

Just like a good football game
there was the play-by-play revue
after every pass through a field....

Dogs and Hunters
they both live for the big hunt!

Walking through beautiful grasslands
as tall as my shoulders
you never know what 
you might run into...
from deer to skunks!!

and then there is always that scare 
of the pheasant flushing out
right in front of you!!

There wasn't an abundance of pheasants in 2011
but we did hit some good honey holes!

Some good shooting kept food
on the table at camp
and limits filled!

A fun time for all...

Thanks for the memories, Gang!

Until next pheasant season,


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Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! I havent been huntig for years ! When my dad was alive him and I went hunting and fishing all the time ! Love your header photo ! Have a wonderful day !

barb said...

Nice shots but how about something for us house enthusiasts? Say something in a Lincoln log?

Sharon said...

Great pics and looks like some good eating! It has been YEARS since I had pheasant, I haven't even seen any, don't believe they are here in TN.

Casey said...

Great photos and it's nice to see that pheasants are still around somewhere! Over here in IA they are getting more and more scarce, I'm afraid.

Thanks for sharing the season! Take care -

heyBJK said...

Fantastic photos, Lisa! That looks like so much fun! It reminds me of pheasant hunting in Michigan as a kid.