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Friday, February 3, 2012

Destroying A Language

I learned some new slang today...

Apparently when hip dudes in 
Great Britain party, they refer
to it as "destroying" the place
they are partying at...

Unfortunately, for the two British
tourists planning to destroy America,
police greeted them 
and their party got shut down before 
they left the airport!

Maybe next time they will be a 
little more discreet and not 
announce their plans to "dig up Marilyn Monroe"
over Twitter!

Ha! I wonder what my old
English teacher, Ms. Grensburg,
is saying about that?

(Maybe she's the one that sent in the tip?)

"People should speak proper English"
I can just hear her

Apparently, this is the 21st century
and we do have to watch what
we say and do

is private anymore...


It's just our old teachers...

Disguised as Homeland Security
and haunting us forever 
so that we use
"Proper English"....

I certainly HOPE so!!

"Attention, People"
thanks, Ms. G!


TexWisGirl said...

ha ha! :)

barb said...

Nice new look. And I'm really liking that banner.

ann said...

As an English teacher at our local university, I'd have to agree with your former teacher.

Country Gal said...

In Britan most areas have their own slang its been like that for centuries as the times change so does the language. I was raised by British parents and there fore I spoke like they did , the kids here would always tease me because I spoke what they called proper english. As I got older I used Brit slang but I still stick to the old slang not the slang the British youngsters use today thats a whole new vocabulary to myself and my older Brit family ! Have a wonderful day !

Casey said...

Great post, Lisa! Haha!

Carol at Serendipity said...

I had the same teacher and a mother who insisted on proper language. There is a place for slang but only if you know the proper!


bj said...

I agree...some of the slangs are really cute, tho.
FaceBook will be the ruin of some people that "spill their guts" before the entire world. I think this is a place where they should be REALLY careful of what they write. Once it is read, no matter deleting it....like words in REAL life that can't be taken back.

Kathy said...

This is great. It makes me think of the movie 'My Fair Lady'! Hope you have a great week,

TJO said...

I dont get what you are referring to here.....LOL, ROTFL, WTH.....Ok, that is all that I know as I am young but agree with the older generation of using proper english and I can tell you that my husband corrects me when I dont!! :)