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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Relay for Life

Ever see something so cute you can't 
wait to share it with all of your friends?

I just came from my sister's blog
and had to start copying and pasting
and get this posted for you all to see!!

this bag is too cute
it's up for auction!

Relay for Life is
a wonderful fund raiser
the American Cancer Foundation

(I put a link on my sidebar for more details)

You can bid on this bag....
the highest bidder gets to keep the bag
and the money goes to help
the American Cancer Foundation.

My sister and her daughter made the bag
and are filling it with fun things
they are donating it to a Relay for Life event
in North Dakota...

Go to my sister's blog post 
for more details
and submit your bid!


Country Gal said...

That is cute ! Great job. Heading over now ! Have a good day !

Carolyn said...

Wow, very talented girls, and I like the colors, so vibrant. What a good cause. I will check out your sister's blog, too.

barb said...

hey, thanks for the shout out. Dakota maids really appreciates it.

Crafty Gardener said...

That is an adorable bag and the winner will be thrilled. Unfortunately it won't be me, as I come under that international postage rule.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such a sweet bag!

Candy C. said...

What a darling bag and how neat that it is being auctioned off for such a great cause! :)