River Woes

My husband's buddy and Professional Guide Fisherman
called me on Tuesday night to see if I still wanted 
to go mushroom hunting!!

(I've been bugging him for a few years 
to take me to his secret mushroom places)

so, you can imagine my excitement when he called!!
I quickly cleared my schedule of : accounts payable and blogging
and said HECK YAH!!!

I met up with him and some other folks
that have been on the mushroom hunt before,
and off we went to the river....

now, from here on out I can't give out any secrets,
so the river shall remain nameless and 
the characters will remain anonymous 
to protect the highly guarded location
of yes, you guessed it, Morel Mushrooms!

I had my gear all ready....
sack, knife, water, toilet paper, camera, and bug spray
(yep, all necessary equipment on a mushroom hunt)

and then we got to the dock....

Oh my heart sank about as deep as a toad in the bottom 
of this muddy river!

the river level is so low, the place that they usually 
dock was about a 3 foot drop off into the shallow water...

But, at that point
I had no idea of the sheer will and determination
of the serious mushroom hunters I was accompanying!!

The owner of the boat looked at the predicament
and said "No Problem", and started backing up the trailer....

the wheels went off the edge...
this is when I closed my eyes.....

They gave it a shove....

Just like that our boat was launched!

(never mind that cloud of mud, that's just 
the propeller hitting bottom)

Now we have to load 6 people!
(are you laughing here?)
this is about the time I realized it takes
a certain amount of insanity to be a mushroom hunter!

Again the boat owner, driver, skipper, (crazy guy)
said "Get In!"

and we did.

Up the river we went heading for the secret spots that were 
marked from previous years...
the guys were going to do some fishing while
us girls went hunting...

I was warned to not get lost,
as it is very forested and easy to lose your self...

The girls headed into the brush like
I've seen wild pheasants do...
like hungry huntresses they were eager
to find some mushrooms!!

They told me what to look for,
and how they look,
crouching down sometimes you see them better
(oops, I didn't tell you that)

We looked high and low,
but what we didn't expect was the 
change of terrain from last year's flooding!!

We would literally start sinking in the ground
if we stayed in one place long enough!

It was solid mud everywhere we turned with
little or no new growth anywhere!!

you could see the water line of the soaked trees
above our heads!!

(I've highlighted the waterline in orange here)

Much to our dismay, there were no Morels anywhere!
We loaded and unloaded that boat 3 different times and places
and NO Morels anywhere!!

My boots were covered in mud, heck my ankles were covered in mud,
and not one Morel to be had!!

But, the day was not a total loss...

the guys had a really good day catching catfish!

Every time they cast out, a fish would bite within a few minutes...

I got some really good photography-time in...
and nature came out to play with me....

we heard woodpeckers, bluejays, and geese....

got to see ducks, pelicans, and seagulls...

I just about stepped on a huge bull snake
(No, I freaked out and did not get a picture)

and on the boat ride back
there were two beavers on this log,
only one sat there and posed for me!

It was a great day and a great hunt...
any day spent fishing is a day worth while!

More pictures to come tomorrow,
for Farm Fresh Friday...

See you tomorrow!


TexWisGirl said…
neat looking catfish. ours are so much darker here. :) sounds like a good time - mud and all.
barb said…
They sell mushrooms at grocery stores you know?
Anonymous said…
What a bummer for those who waited a whole year to go out once again and come home with mushrooms. :-(
Country Gal said…
Thats a shame the water was soo low ! Fantastic post and photos . I enjoyed the trip with ya ! Have a great day !
Debbie said…
haha, i wet my pants, good thing you brought toilet paper. what a great story!!

i get mine in stop-n-shop, you might want to consider that!!
Candy C. said…
I'm glad the fishing and photography were good since the mushroom hunting was a disappointment! Great pictures! :)
Mary said…
I've only ever picked mushrooms in pretty rolling English meadows in my childhood! It was much less muddy, no snakes, and we always had enough to take home for breakfast as we went at daybreak. I feel your pain - but you did get some wonderful wildlife pics so all was not lost.

Claire said…
Hey Lisa, what a wonderful day out despite the lack of mushrooms.......

That must've been some flood, judging by the water level on the trees, I'm not surprised you were sinking into mud if you stayed still for too long......

Love the photos of the birds and great seeing that Beaver......only ever seen them on TV...

Looks like there would've been cat fish for supper, so the day was worth the effort after all...

Claire :}

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