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Friday, July 27, 2012

Farm Fresh Friday #13

Welcome to Farm Fresh Friday

Thank you so much for visiting...

Please pull up a chair and 
take a little time to visit the 
wonderful bloggers participating
in this blog hop!! 

This week on the prairie....

It's canning season


I'm fighting famine 
lovin' the smell of dill 
and vinegar in my house!!

The cucumber patch has been
producing and I have been 
putting up lots of jars of 

Dill Pickles

Sweet Relish

Beet Pickles

The steam is rollin'
out my kitchen window
and the smell of vinegar
and dill greet you 
at the door!

With dill pickle season
in full swing
I barely have time
for blogging, but

The big news is that 
the tomatoes are finally
starting to ripen....
That means I'll be up to my elbows
in tomato juice and salsa 
real soon!!

Our first red ripe tomatoes!!
Oh what a great time to be a gardener!!

Fresh garden






Oh, and we pulled all of the onions now

and they are drying on a rack...

It's looking like a successful 
garden year here...

So far, no hail!

Keep your fingers crossed, 
this weather
can turn ugly 
any time you know!

And we still have a couple 
months until
melon and pumpkin harvest....

So far so good...

I hope all is well
where you are
and you will share
some fresh,
home made,
home grown,
goodness with us this week!!

 This is a place to share all things FRESH,
 homemade and/or home-grown.
There is no rule that it has to be made by you or grown by you,
just the fact that it was 
hand made or grown by somebody
and not mass-produced or imported from Timmbucktu is good enough for us!!

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Sall’s Country Life


Country Gal said...

Oh that's wonderful , everything looks and sounds soo YUMMY ! I love your photos makes me hungry here as it is 7 am in the morning and all I have had is my cup of tea lol. I don't have a veggie garden as of yet but I do remember the days on the farm when I was a kid and helped mum harvest all the veggies for canning and freezing ! Have a great day !

Lynne said...

Vinegar and dill thoughts . . . ahhh the memories . . .

Enjoy these days of "preserving the fruits" of your labor . . .

I think pumpkins will be early this year what with the weather we have had. One blogger east of Michigan recently posted a photo of her FIRST gorgeous large orange pumpkin.

Buttons said...

Oh this is a beautiful post. Everything looks wonderful I am so happy you are enjoying the bounty.
The pickles make me want some right now. Take care happy canning. B

Lisa Lynn said...

Sounds like you are busy as a bee! Making me feel lazy here :)

Wonderful photos...made my morning!

barb said...

My tomatoes are just beginning to turn red :-) Why does it have to be such a short season :(

TexWisGirl said...

love that smell of dill and vinegar. :) packing cucumbers in the jars, your fingers would smell like dill for days after...

Debbie said...

i don't have anything to share but i REALLY enjoyed your entry!!

i love dill, i use fresh dill in many of my favorite recipes.

my tomato plants are huge and they look great but i don't see one single tomato!!

happy canning!!

heyBJK said...

My grandparents had a huge garden for years and they would can everything! I especially liked my grandmother's dill pickles. Thanks for the invite, Lisa! I'll join whenever I can!

Melinda said...

There is nothing like home grown food! We are enjoying the goodies from our garden.I've made Refrigerator Pickles, Pickled Squash, Peach Skillet Dessert anda couple of other recipes.

Have a great weekend and Enjoy.

M :)

It's me said...

I see a lot of nice delicious things from your garden....enjoy your weekend...love Ria...xxx...

Sherri B. said...

Love seeing all of your beautiful garden produce..Our summer is late this year, again, so we only have greens so far.

Have a great weekend! xo

Loretta said...

Hello, I love love your blog! You are one of my linky followers and I am now following you now on GFC! Please stop by and follow/join us too...we wold love having you! There is nothing like fresh veggie's from the garden!
Wishing you a lovely evening and weekend!
Gentle Hugs

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

There's nothing like home grown veggies. It's making my mouth water. I used to can a lot when I lived on the farm. That was many years ago.

Michelle said...

You can send those beet pickles my way!!

Farm Girl said...

Gosh I wish I had seen this earlier. I will join up next week. What a great idea. I have enjoyed my summer canning, it will be nice to share it here.

bj said...

What a great gardener you must be...this all looks amazing.:)

I didn't know, or else forgot, about your link party. I will add it to my list.:)

Nancy Claeys said...

Glad that everything is growing so well, despite the drought. Thanks for hosting Lisa. xo

A China Cupcake said...

I love vegtable gardens! one of my favororite
things is to make my vegtables planted in quilt patterns . Then at the end of the summer I do a little canning . I love your photos Pat beglin

tracegrace said...

Hi Sall
I'm new to your blog, I've signed up for "Farm Fresh Friday"... a tad late though.
What an incredible bounty! The tomato is begging to be put on toast or in a salad.
Nothing smells better than dill!!!
I can hardly wait to get started on pickling.

Alderberry Hill said...

What a fun party, thanks for the invite...following you now via GFC!