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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot Summer Days

just the walk from the house to the garden
is too far,
you feel like you are going to fry
right there on the crispy brown grass!

This extreme heat is keeping
me indoors,
I am now nocturnal
and I come out with the moon!!

I come out in the early morning hours
to give my poor flowers a drink
then it's time to retreat...

110 Degrees Fahrenheit

Even the chickens
stay inside all day!

The south winds just 
keep blowing in more heat....

I'm enjoying the summer inside, 
looking out my kitchen window
until we can get back into the 90's


 we can catch another rain cloud,
like this one that cooled us off last Thursday!!

A good 2 minute drenching was
the best shower we've had in months!

Extreme Heat and Drought!

It's why man invented air conditioners
and Irrigation Systems...

I still love summer
(just don't pull the plug
on my A.C!)

Stay Cool my friend!


TexWisGirl said...

you might as well just move to texas. :)

mary_smith said...

It finally cooled down a bit here in south Florida. It's a cool 83!

barb said...

This heat reminds me that "I HATE SUMMER!" I'll take a nice 2-day blizzard anyday.

Lavender Cottage said...

Indeed, and don't anyone pull the plug on our AC either!
I do my container watering in the morning and pretty much stay inside doing things that tend to slide when so much time is spent outside in cooler weather.

Michelle said...

Too hot! Our heat wave broke, finally! We were all the way down to 90 degrees today!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

I've been going swimming first thing in the morning and then come home and hibernate the rest of the day. I water my flowers at night. The heat and humidity continues here and no rain in sight.

heyBJK said...

Beautiful photos, Lisa!

cherry said...

I love your rain shot! Stay cool and hopefully some more cooling rain will come see ya again really soon..
hugs, Cherry

Claire said...

Hey Lisa, I bet you enjoyed every drop of that recent 2 minute shower........
You post reminds me of the drought we've not long come out of........Years of below average rain fall, watching how much water everyone used (we're on tanks here) Watching the sky for signs of rain.......
Crunchy brown grass, oh boy, it all comes back as I sit here on a Winter's morning. At least the sun is shining today after a very damp week. I can hang some washing on the line for a change.

Thanks for visiting,

CLaire :}

Candy C. said...

Great pictures! :)
I hope ya'll cool down and get some rain!

Lynne said...

I am right with you Lisa . . . Another day with temperatures near 100 . . . indoors is just fine!

Debra said...

It's been a VERY long summer so far...the unusual high temps started in May for us here in western pa.


Love them! :)