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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time For a Swim

Everywhere I go...
Everywhere I look...
Extreme Heat
is the "Hot Topic"....

We're all blogging about it,
the weatherman won't shut up about it...
and there it is outside my door
every time I step outdoors!

So I've decided to just embrace it...
Ya can't change it!

Let's just be thankful 
for another lovely day
and a little heat.

that means it's
time for a swim....

So --

Grab your sunscreen
and your itsy-bitsy
teeny weeny
polka dot
(yes, you heard me!)

You go first,
while I finish this cookie!!

Ummm, on second thought
I haven't been in a bikini
since my twenties
and I don't intend on 
scaring off followers!!

How about a tall glass of iced tea
and a virtual swim
down memory lane??

Let's go back to my twenties
and visit my backyard pool
where my little nieces and nephews
swam and splashed up a storm!

Swimming pools have always
been one of my fascinations,
it must have been
all those years of 
watching the Beverly Hillbillies...

I've always wanted my own
cement pond!

(internet photo)

Remember the show Dallas?

I was a Huge Fan!

Remember the Ewing's Pool?

That's me and a girlfriend on a High School 
Swing Choir trip...

Those are my toes in Bobby Ewing's pool!!

I guess I should've moved
to Texas or California
back then!

There just aren't many
Swimming pools,
or movie stars 
South Dakota!

Just little ol' 
me in my plastic bubble bowl

Dreaming about all
the exotic
swimming pools I've visited....

Like the one's at Hearst Castle in California

Outdoor and...


or the one on Maui where we sat in a bar
behind this waterfall and drank Mai Tai's!!

Are you ready for a dip yet??

Anyone got a spare 
ticket to Hawaii?

That's Okay!
We do have some 
beautiful clear water
right here...

We swam in the Missouri River
just this morning...

the water was perfect...

The scenery was beautiful....

The water was crystal clear.

You can see your feet on the bottom...
(or your paws in Max's case...)

And the only other souls on the beach
were these 2 pair of Geese...

The only thing I'm missing
is a Mai Tai!

other than that ,
life is good!

I hope you are feeling refreshed
after this lengthy 
swim session!!

Have a Happy Day,


Anna said...

Hello, I am all cooled off! Your photos are great and that cookie looks yummy! I just want to let you know that I haven't been in a bikini in about 25 yrs :( Hugs, Anna

Mary Ann said...

That was a wonderful, wonderful post and thanks for the break from the heat!

TexWisGirl said...

cute! i like your swimming buddy!

High Heeled Life said...

Fabulous post! it was a great virtual swim (no bikini for this gal - one piece ..lol..). Your cookie is perfect for the weather. I agree we need to embrace the warmth, it will be bitter brrrr cold soon enough in our corner of the world. Blessings, HHL

Chatty Crone said...

I went swimming in the cement pond tonight and I am as cool as a cuke! sandie

Michelle said...

I could use a dip in the cement pond! Great post!

Chicken Wrangler said...

We live not far from a nice little lake - shallow enough to take the grandkiddies this week. They are from out of state, visiting Camp Gramma. Am looking forward to some fun and hope to have some good pics to share on my blog soon!

BlueShell said...

Here it's hot too. I will go for a swim...

It's me said...

What a lovely post Lisa......enjoy swimming today....love Ria...xxx...

Nancy Claeys said...

Hey, water is water -- I may venture down to the pond and take a dip this week. Supposed to be 103 today. Yippee! Lol.

Bonnie said...

A wonderful respite from the heat. I feel perfectly waterlogged:)

CrankyPuppy said...

Swimming in the Missouri - man, you're adventurous! I've always heard it has lots of tidal pools that would pull you under. I giggled at your mention of the Ewing pool, but I can't believe you didn't mention the old Missouri standby of the pool made out of an old livestock trough!

By the way, I've nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog and the Very Inspiring Blogger Awards! You can see my post about it over at http://crankypuppy.blogspot.com/2012/07/blog-awards.html. I hope you'll accept!

bj said...

AWESOME post, ma'am...we had a week on the lake with family and a week in the mountains, fishing, so I have REALLY enjoyed all the water.
We are still sooo dry out here in West Texas.
I LOVED seeing all these amazing pools.:)