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Friday, August 3, 2012

Farm Fresh Friday #14

Welcome to Farm Fresh Friday

Thank you so much for visiting...

Please pull up a chair and 
take a little time to visit the 
wonderful bloggers participating
in this blog hop!! 

This week on the prairie....

My basket over-floweth
from every corner
of our garden!!

I will stop typing
and just 
let the pictures
for themselves...

This is PEAK
garden season
on the prairie
of South Dakota...

I've been canning 
and preserving
these great veggies
so we can enjoy 
them all year long...

I just wish I could 
jar up the whole season
break open
a jar of "Summertime"
about Mid-January!!

I've been too busy
with my own harvest and canning
to get to the local farmer's markets

If there were about 
5 more of me,
I'd be loading 
up my old truck
and setting up
my own little veggie market!

Doesn't that sound like a HOOT!!


maybe someday!

For now I'll settle
with filling up my little basket
with whatever
is ripe and ready today...

maybe with a little luck
our lazy hens will 
get busy and give me an egg or two??

It is always wise to stop wishing for things
long enough to enjoy the fragrance of those 
now flowering.
                --Patrice Gifford

What is fresh in your world today???

 This is a place to share all things FRESH,
 homemade and/or home-grown.
There is no rule that it has to be made by you or grown by you,
just the fact that it was 
hand made or grown by somebody
and not mass-produced or imported from Timmbucktu is good enough for us!!

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Sall’s Country Life


Nancy Claeys said...

I love this upbeat post and your beautiful veggies! Have a great weekend, dear. xo

Beth said...

really enjoy the ball jar shot. great & yummy views. (:

Jill said...

A perfectly, beautiful bounty!

CrankyPuppy said...

I love how you captured the glint of sun off the jar. And I wish I could hop with everyone but, alas, my poor garden is pretty done for. :-( Your harvest looks great, though!

barb said...

Beautiful picture of mint. The crates of peaches are finally here, mm, do I smell a peach pie in the oven?

High Heeled Life said...

Wonderful photos, my friend! You have captured your bounty perfectly!!!! It all looks so fresh and yummy.

Oh yes, if we could jar the scent of summer time for he harsh cold days of winter!! xo HHL

Country Gal said...

Absolutely wonder photos , veggies and post ! Have a great day !

bj said...

G'mornin', Sal..
I always just love your photos...so good. In fact, I was so busy getting one pinned that I forgot to leave a comment...had to run back over and say that if I only had something HAND GROWN,I would so play in your link party. I am such a city girl and no place, really, to raise much.
Have a great weekend...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting. I've posted my recipe for a roasted tomato pie. I look forward to seeing what everyone else has to share.


Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Your fresh veggies look so good. Makes me hungry. The basket of mint is beautiful. I have some mint too. Do you dry it? If so how do you do it?

TexWisGirl said...

wonderful bounty from your garden! LOVE the shot of the canning jar in the sun w/ the silo backdrop! LOVE!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful harvest! I'm in love with your blue jars!!

Lynne said...

Beautiful photos of your veggies! Remember please for me, a photo of all your jars with all you have, "put up!"

ann said...

Our gardens are really taking off, aren't they. I love the photo of the jar and the roosters. You take such great pictures.

KnitOne, PearlOnion said...

Lovely photos and blog! Following you right back! -- Joann