It's All Her Fault

Happy Saturday Dear Friends!

I have something new to share with you today....

a learning experience for me...

a therapy session for my sister...

and (hopefully) rewarding to all of us!!

You see....

my dear sister and I have started 


we are attempting to 
all of the Old family recipes...

(it may be the weather
or maybe just all the vinegar I've been inhaling)

anyway, I've coerced big sister into finally acting
on the cookbook she's always wanted to do.

She's agreed to co-administer a blog with me...

and together we are going to put
together our passions for 
cooking and photography,
throw in what we know...
which is house-keeping,
and intersperse it with
memorabilia from the family archives!!

And, unlike our hard-working fore-mothers,
we will keep it simple,light-hearted
and FUN!!

We have pie-eyed dreams of 
a published cookbook,
but won't waste any time waiting
for $$$ deals!!

please check it out!

I'm indebted to my sister for
taking such good care of me
(baby-sitting your little sister on date-nights 
was not cool!)

It's 40 years later,
I still call her if I need a good laugh
or I need a shoulder to cry on.

This project will be so much fun...
(if she can get over her fear of sharing recipes)

Our new blog is called
"Pickles and Petunias"

As usual,
 she's 10 steps ahead of me
and has already done a couple of posts!! 


I whole-heartedly hope you will hit our follow button!

of course,
we want your input
in comments too!!!!!!!

are you ready to 
check it out?

Here's a link

Have a super weekend!


Candy C. said…
Thanks for the link Lisa, cute blog! :)
Lynne said…
Checking it out right after I type this letter R.
Buttons said…
Hey Lisa been there now back here it is going to be incredible. I love my four sisters so I understand working together on a project. Cool looking forward to reading. B
barb said…
Thanks Sis! You see when mother brought you home from the hospital I thought you were all mine. What a doll you were.
Lisa Lynn said…
Can't wait to check it out! Oh, and open the window to let those vinegar fumes out ;-)
Country Gal said…
Oh sounds like another fun blog . Love the name ! I am going there now see ya there !
TexWisGirl said…
good luck with the collaboration! i don't do recipes! :)
I checked out your new blog with your sister. I am following along, although I don't cook much any more.
Good luck and have fun with the new venture. I wish I had a sister.
It's me said…
Happy weekend
barbara l. hale said…
Beautiful flower pic! I will definitely check out the other blog. Well, sisters can just be the best thing going. I should know. I have three.
Anna Hanley said…
Hi there, I just stop over to your new blog awesome! Best wishes, Anna
Nancy Claeys said…
Haha! Your sister and my sister must have shopped at the same eyeglasses store. Meow! Good luck with the new venture. :)

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