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Friday, September 28, 2012

Farm Fresh Friday Finale 2012

Welcome to our last 
Farm Fresh Friday post
for 2012...

as I mentioned in the beginning,
I would run this blog hop
from May through September

here it is the end of September already,
where did the time go??

There is so much I love about summer...

gardening, warm air, green grass...

and all the fresh fruit and veggies
that we enjoy all season long!!

Thanks for all of your participation
this season, 
it was a fun way to get together
and share the season's splendors
and show off the fruits
of all of our hard labors!!

Cool weather and a couple of hard frosts
have put our garden to an end...

the pumpkins are scattered
about the front porch...
the potatoes, squash, onions
are stashed in a cool dry place,
the canned goods are put away 
in a cupboard (or two)!

The last thing yet to do is get some

The trees did not produce good apples 
this year, so it was tough finding
anybody with excess (good) apples!

We don't have any picture perfect 
apple orchards nearby so I did a little 
surfing on the Web and found this
beautiful painting from an artist 
in Illinois,
check out her etsy shop
I put the link under the picture!

teacher, musician, and artist from Illinois

I could spend a day 
having fun at a good ol' fashioned
apple festival, couldn't you?

I just about gave up looking
for apples
when a friend showed up with 
a 5 gallon bucket of them!!
He also let me use his apple peeler!!

I was still knee deep in tomatoes
so we traded apples for tomatoes
and we were both happy!

I dehydrated some tomatoes,
not sure what I'll do with them,
but I always like a challenge!

Ulsterpark, NY

I found this pic on the internet...

got to make me one of those cute 
farm fresh signs!!

Today I spread out my 
"farm fresh" apples on the counter
and went to peelin'....

this apple peeler was the real deal!

I've tried them before, and found
them to be complicated and didn't
peel right!

But this machine rocked!!

I stuffed them in quart jars 
and made up one of my favorite recipes
for apple pie filling...

Sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, water, and honey
pour the hot gooey syrup over the apples in the jar...

when you're ready to make apple pie,
just buymake your crust 
and pour in one quart jar
of this deluxe mix
and everyone will 
think you just peeled your own apples
and spent hours making a homemade pie!
(don't forget to splash a little flour on your face:)

another great way to use this
home-canned apple recipe
is for making apple crisp....

Keep checking 
I'll post these recipes there
sometime next week!!

That was my "farm fresh"
project for the week...
It's off to Kansas City again
 for a weekend
of hauling and moving our daughter,
and hopefully we'll have some time
to check out the great City Market
while we're there!!

Here are some fresh fall foliage
pictures I took while the apples
were cooking today...
and have a great fall!!

This is a place to share all things FRESH,
 homemade and/or home-grown.
There is no rule that it has to be made by you or grown by you,
just the fact that it was 
hand made or grown by somebody
and not mass-produced or imported from Timmbucktu is good enough for us!!

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barb said...

I'm coming over for a piece of pie soon!

Velva said...

Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along on this beautiful photo journey.

Happy Fall to you.


TexWisGirl said...

love the yellow leaves! good trade, i'd say - tomatoes for apples. :)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Love the fall leaves and those apples look so good!
Thanks for hosting Farm Fresh Friday. I hope you will do it again next year.

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Love your pictures of the fall leaves and I have the same apple pealer except mine is like a vise instead of the suction cup. I am now waiting for you apple crunch!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful shots of fall. I cannot believe we are ending September already.

Nancy Claeys said...

I thought today was Thursday -- what a doofus!

Love your shot of the apples and that peeler is the bomb. Thanks for hosting FFF Lisa -- I enjoyed participating. :)

Melinda said...

Your pics aare beautiful and the apples sound delish. Love the season!

M :)