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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sall's Tomato Patch

The bed sheets all went out 
to the garden
to protect
our beautiful
crop of tomatoes!

This year the tomato patch
has been 
Sall's pride and joy!

The vines are still loaded
with fruit 
and I just can't bear
to see them freeze yet...

even if I am sick of 

and besides,
what would Sall
and his faithful companion
do every evening
if they didn't
have tomatoes 
to pick??

It's become the sport
of the evening with these two!

It must be that 
"hunter" instinct...

I can usually find them 
with their heads buried
in the middle of tomato central...

They bring me a bucket or two
of huge red tomatoes,
and I keep looking for 
more jars and more ways
to preserve them!

Sall is proud of his bounty...

Lisa's got more work to do...

and Max says,
"that's my kind of bucket list!"

Happy Wednesday!


TexWisGirl said...

sweet max! adorable!

Anonymous said...

Cute photos of the two of them out hunting. :-))

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! Hope you can salvage all those YUMMY tomatoes ! Mu in laws next door have been getting a lot of tomatoes growing and we have all been blessed with the YUMMYNESS ! It has been getting quite nippy here to over night . May have to star the fireplace earlier this year ! Have a good day !

barb said...

Enjoy while we can...it will soon be over for another year and I will be craving a real tomato all winter.

Nancy Claeys said...

Your garden is HUGE! No wonder you have so many maters. :)

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

WOW Sall!
That's some kind of a tomato patch!!You have been more than busy with all those wonderful tomatoes. You can have more than enough of tomato sauce, tomato salsa, tomato juice, chunk tomato, diced tomato, and right now if you've had your fill - my favorite - fried green tomatoes!! You're the Forest Gump of Tomatoes!! It's good for you that fall is around the corner so you can go on vacation!! You're amazing!!

Lynne said...

Just love your presentation . . My favourite photo was of "the two" with their heads in the tomato vines . . .

ann said...

Do you believe in a parallel universe? We are both married to white haired men who crawl around in their gardens admiring, tending, nurturing their prized tomatoes with their old dog right by their side. Our dog is a german short hair, old (14) and gray himself. And guess what his name is? Why in this parallel universe it is, of course, Max. We have yet have our first frost. The tomatoes, though, are woefully slow to ripen. I may not get the chance to do much canning.