The Cream of the Crop

Wouldn't if be fun to own
a Barn Chalk Board??

the neighbors I visited last week
give their grand-kids 
some chalk and tell
them to go out to the barn
and HAVE FUN!!

The old barn wood has lost
all of it's paint...
now it's weathered black patina
is perfect for chalk art!!

This is the barn I spoke of...

the one I've been wanting to stop and 
photograph for many years,
but I'm always rushing to and from
town and never take the time!

Last week the proprietors
were out in the yard, so I stopped 
in and got the low down 
on the old gray barn.

They told me it used to be a Creamery in town,
and was relocated to the spot where it is now!

This intrigued me even more,
as my dad was a cheese maker
at the Wessington Spring's Creamery!

I never knew there was an older
creamery than the brick building
he worked in from 1965 until 1978.

The old brick creamery was my childhood hang-out!
I spent countless hours there waiting after school,
waiting for the pool to open in the summer,
always waiting!!
Dad knew I was bored stiff,
so he would go get some turtle wax
and tell me to go out to his truck
and have fun!!

{Wax on...Wax off...
I could have been the karate kid!}

Back to the barn!
I tried finding more info on it,
but didn't have any luck...
Please feel free to comment if you
know more about this old creamery!!

I enjoyed photographing the old relic
and had even more fun with the photos
in Photoshop...
a tweak here and a tweak there,
add a little more age
with a texture

This old creamery/barn is a real beauty!

it's weathered wood
has aged into a piece of art!

the old red gate acts like a pointer
to it's 
place of rest on the prairie...

This one's a real charmer
the cream of the crop!!

I wonder what the kids
of it's era were doing
to pass the time?

Have a great week!

I'm sharing with
Mary for Mosaic Monday
Tricia Hays for Barn Charm
Kim Klassen 
for texture Tuesday...
stop by if you 
want to pass some time with us!


TexWisGirl said…
it's a beauty, alright. and even better that you share a bit of history. :)
Beth Edwards said…
that is too great. i bet the kids had a ball. (:
barb said…
Oh gosh...waiting in the creamery always made my hair so frizzy!
Country Gal said…
Fantastic post and photos ! I can imagine the kids back in those days in your post what fun it must of been and what history this old building must hold ! Have a wonderful day !
It is a lovely old barn!! What a reward you got for stopping and being friendly!!
MarmePurl said…
Great Story. Great pictures.
Buttons said…
Oh it is beautiful and I love the history. B
Michelle said…
What a beauty! Old barns really are pieces of art! So great that you know the history.
It's me said…
Love old barns...thanks for sharing with us...happy week love love
Deanna said…
What a beautiful old gal. The history is fascinating - both of the barn and your own. Great share!
Anonymous said…
What a beauty & I'm lovin all your edits, very nice!

Thanks so much for joining Barn Charmiversary! =)
Candy C. said…
It certainly is a beauty, love the roof!! It's fun when we get a little history to go with the barn too!! :)
Rose said…
It surely is a charmer!!!
Beth Edwards said…
wow, what a great story. love the barn as well. (:
Mari said…
Beautiful place and even better with the story!
Amy Burzese said…
That is a great story. Thanks for sharing!
TJO said…
Beautiful pictures and the birds singing while I read is lovely (to quote my mother.)

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