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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winter Is Postponed

With 2 inches of snow on the ground
I am grateful for the moisture!

what about my fall projects??

Sall and I were just getting 
on a roll with 
siding the house...

could it not have
waited until we got (at least)
one side done??

Oh, I know, 
    I know,
winter is not 
going to do me 
any favors...

could it just 
hold off a little while longer???

Can I just have 
a few more weeks of 
warm weather
to go out and take pictures
old barns,
rusty buckets,
and rotting junk??

Can winter not see 
that I am not ready to
crawl in my cave and 
turn on my money-sucking furnace!

Can this snow just melt away
and come again on Christmas Day
when I'm ready for it??

I just have 3 words...

It's too soon!!

I rest my case.

Rambling from the country,


Lynne said...

I am nervous about this snow stuff. I worked like a manic fool raking the leaves today when I heard you had snow. The trees lost their leaves in one dump last night . . . It was amazing out there this morning. I had mowed, blown, raked the day before. Not a leaf on the green. This morning they were knee deep in places!

Good luck on your siding project, I like the color!

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! We here in Ontario Canada don't have snow yet but parts of Canada got hit pretty hard with that white stuff . Here it has been summer like the past few days but I know it's coming at least it makes for different scenery for photos ! Have a good day !

Velva said...

Sending you Florida sunshine, with no chance of snow.

I would gladly trade places with you for a few days of cooler weather, even a little snow. :-)


btw, the siding looks really good.

Bonnie said...

While I am not wishing for snow, I would love cooler temps. Mid 80s at the end of October....seriously? I know it is all relative. Stay warm!

barb said...

Oh ya...love that color

sweetvintageofmine said...

All I can say about the snow is I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! It's CHARMING!!! Roxie