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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hunting With The Veteran

Yesterday the fog rolled in....

and almost foiled the 
annual Sall Brother's hunt!

Sall's brother, Doug, likes 
to get up to the prairie 
at least once a year and shoot 
some birds with his little brother!

if there's one thing these 
two like to do,

They headed out,
and I wondered if I
was going to see them again
after they faded
into the fog??

 I waited and watched and 
listened to the dead silence...

the pheasants were holding tight
and were not 
going to make it an
easy hunt for the Sall boys today!!

We headed for a tree grove 
and saw a few more birds...

on this wet day, it seems 
the cover of the trees 
was a better place to be...

it was also a little tougher
to hit one flying through
the tree branches!

It seemed the pheasants
were going to win the battle today,
so we headed back to the house 
for some lunch....

lo and behold as the soup's 
heating up...
out comes a brazen rooster
right through our yard!!

we grabbed the cameras and
got a shot of him out my kitchen window,
and as you might expect
by the time a gun was loaded 
the smart rooster headed for cover!!

Not ready to give up yet,
we headed for the back 10 
with hopes of chasing one of 
the dumber ones to the edge of the property,
where we could actually shoot 
and not spook all of our 
resident garden pheasants!!

Sure enough, after sweeping the trees...

Doug actually got the first and only rooster
of the day!!

Score 1 for Doug!!

the birds were hangin' low today
and we were all satisfied with 
the 2 mile walk we got in 
and the 1 bird in our bag....

we headed back to the house 
where they could do a little
target shooting with Doug's 
antique rifles...

Doug is not only a veteran,
but an avid gun collector, and historian...

watching the two of them 
talking GUNS, shooting, 
and bonding (as brothers do)
made me smile 
and think of their long history together....

Whoa, 50 years ago...
Doug was in the army,
little Sall was 12!

many years and 
many hunts
have come
and went....

 You Sall's sure
know how to stay young!!

Happy Veteran's Day, Doug!
Thanks for another good hunt
one for the history book...


TexWisGirl said...

the brother bonding time and tradition is really special. :)

Michelle said...

A wonderful tradition for these guys!

AllyJo said...

Wonderful and breath taking as always. You should make a calendar for next year. I'll buy it or my son-in-law who is a big hunter.

Anna Hanley said...

Hello, I am touched by your wonderful post! Your photos were just awesome! Take Cake, Anna

Country Gal said...

This is a fantastic post and the photos WOW !! Awesome ! Wonderful for you and them to have the Sall's brothers hunting together and take photos for future generations ! Have a good evening !

Melinda said...

What great photos!

M :)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Love the foggy photos! Wonderful tradition and bonding time for the boys..

Lynne said...

Quite the sport for the brothers! I really liked the photo of the pheasant in air where you could see the wing flare. The colors were vibrant . . .

CrankyPuppy said...

Beautiful story and beautiful pics. Doug, thank you for your service to this great country of ours. We would not have it if it were not for people like you who are willing to lay their lives on the line to protect it.

Debbie said...

well, truthfully, i am not a gun/hunting kinda girl...the pheasant's are just so beautiful when they are alive!!

nice guy time, family time though. whatever peeps enjoy...

your foggy images are beautiful!!

Country Girl said...

Oh, what beautiful photos you have here. I have just spent the most pleasant chunk of time perusing your blog. Very inspiring ~ and I love your fog photos. Just wow.