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Saturday, December 15, 2012


It's been too long!!

The Sall's had to break down
and get a new computer...

something that was
NOT on my 
Christmas to-do list!

What a disaster to have your computer
go down in the middle of three different 
photo jobs!
Over 1500 photos to save and edit 
and no COMPUTER!!


Such a trivial problem 
as I sit here and watch the news...

My heart and prayers 
go out to the grief-stricken families
in Newtown, Connecticut.

Such an UN-imaginable tragedy!

Impossible to feel their pain,
no words can express enough sympathy!

I hope this community can gather together
and begin a healing process...

they will never forget,
they will always remember these innocent victims...

May all of our tears turn into love and support...

My time has been consumed lately with a different 
computer and windows 8 (ugh!)
but, it looks like things are returning to normal at least!
Today I am grateful for normal!
Hug your family today and let 
them know how much
you love them!

Hugs from the country,


Lynne said...

Beautiful photos . . . I liked what you said, " . . . turn our tears into love and support."

I can't imagine . . . just can't fatthom such a horrific death and keep saying over and over inside my mind and heart, why, why, why . . .

(I took a college class to figure out Windows 7. . . I hope you are smiling!)

Bonnie said...

A beautiful post! I believe we are a nation in tears today. Hugs! Bonnie

Melinda said...

Such beautiful pictures!

Normal is good, it gives us a sense if security. We really need that right now!

M :)

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! Glad your back up and running ! Papa and I here use an external hard drive to back up all our photos as well so if either one goes our photos are always safe . Yes it is soo sad about this tragedy my heart and prayers go out to all the family's !

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Beautiful post! Such an awful tragedy.
I've missed you and glad you are back with a new computer.

High Heeled Life said...

Beautifully written! Prayers to all affected by such a horrific act. xo

Velva said...

I am horrified, sickened and saddened by the events. I cannot even fathom the senselessness-horrible.

On a lighter note, welcome back.


Sherry said...

There are no words for such a tragedy, so true. Much love and hugs to you also.

Michelle said...

Words cannot express the grief or tragedy.

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TJO said...

I must have to do everything you do because our computer is down right now too!! What can I say? I love my Aunt Lisa so much I must do everything she does. :) Love you!!!!

Custom Comforts said...

What beautiful photos!!! We get frost, but never that pretty. Just gorgeous.

CrankyPuppy said...

Merry Christmas, Sall!

Marie said...

Sorry you had to replace your computer. I love the beautiful winter photos! Yes, we need to hold our families close right now and be thankful for our blessings!