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Monday, December 17, 2012

Time For Some Christmas Caffeine?

The Holidays can be exhausting!

The decorating has been 
a two week long process
(I'm still not finished)

all the goodies I want to make
will take another week....

the gift list keeps getting longer
and the weather is getting worse....

Christmas is near and I need 
a boost!!


time for a shot of espresso
and a big ol' sweet doughnut!

 have no fear...
the ladies at Sweet Grass
will pour me a cup of Joe,
 and treat my sweet tooth!

I'll sit in one of their 
exhilarating comfy chairs
and check my list...

Hmmm....cookies, pies, treats to go!

Gift certificates for all of my coffee-lovin peeps!


Now I can sit back
and relax....

enjoy some holiday time 
with loved ones...

Maybe I'll even get some beans
for at home...


I'll brew a cup of cheer
while I decorate 
one more tree!!

 Thanks for the boost ladies!
Your shop is just what
this Christmas lover needed!!



Country Gal said...

The new shop looks wonderful . That's what we need here in our little village is a coffee shop .I would love to get our main street of our village back up and ruining with more shops ! Lovely photos ! Have a good day !

Lynne said...

We need those espresso boosts . . . shop looks like a place to visit. Some of the popular coffee places! (like one I won't mention the name, love the coffee though) are so busy, no pace to sit, noisy when I finally do find a place. This one looked roomy and comfy!

Enjoy your day with one more tree!

High Heeled Life said...

What a lovely place to escape all the hustle and bustle of preparations. Looks you and your family are having a great break! Wishing you a lovely caffeine filled day...x0

barb said...

Nice place. And good choice of coffee...dark canyon...our fav at home too.

TJO said...

Oh....my taste buds are now craving the good Dark Canyon coffee. I am enjoying Cranberry Creme at home now! Cute coffee shop!! Come up here and lets open one!

Michelle said...

That is a sweet, little coffee shop. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to get you going!

Melinda said...

Looks like a great place for a pick
me up.

Hope it helped.

M :)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

What a great coffee shop. We used to have one here in town and it closed. I really miss it.

Anonymous said...

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Chicken Wrangler said...

Charming post! Thanks for the lift!

Marie said...

Preparing can be so hectic! Looks like you had a few minutes to take some "time out" and relax! :-) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!