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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Catch Up

Sorry to leave you hanging
dear bloggy friends!

It's been a busy 20 days since my last post!

 Our winter wonderland
has been overcome with
joy and merriment....

Our holiday season
was  filled with
smiles and cheer....

Our neighbors got a 
new puppy....

We've been helping them
finish off the basement in their new log home,
I painted a tree...


My paint brushes haven't had much
time to dry out these days
(which is a GOOD thing)....

And I'm still processing photos 
on the new computer...
I went from hunting to cheer-leading
photo shoots this month....
the little cheerleaders
were a lot cuter than pheasants!!

 In between work and photography
I was squeezing in all the Christmas decorating
I could....

our girls were coming to the farm for Christmas
so I wanted to make it extra Christmas-y
just for them....


boughs and garlands....
angels and candles....
 Santas everywhere....

and after they arrived,
all they wanted to do was 
play out side in the snow!!!

 They don't get alot of snow in Kansas City
and when they are here they can't get enough!!
 Little Z had a cold and was confined to the house,
but, Domino was out side
 as much as we would let her be

rolling in it,
throwing it, 
eating it,

this girl loves snow!!!

 Christmas Eve day was busy preparing
for Santa Claus' arrival...
and for a two and five year old
that part about
not crying and no pouting
can be a pretty tough chore!...


We managed to get everything ready
and bake some special cookies 
just for Santa....

 The stockings were hung....

(Domino insisted that since we don't have a fireplace
her's should be hung on the front door!)


The door was left unlocked and some lights on 
so he could find his way to the tree and the 
milk and plate of cookies we left for him....


It was an early morning surprise 
to all of us when we found 
the milk glass empty,
the cookie plate empty,
crumbs scattered all over
the table (Grandma was not impressed),
and a special thank you note written 
to Domino and Zelda!!

Their shock and amazement lasted 
a brief second and then it was 

There were crayons, and books, 
and dollys, and barbies,
even an easy bake oven...

you gotta love it when they are
only two and a box of princess band-aids
are just as awesome as 
an easy-bake-oven!....

 The dining room was trashed in a matter of minutes....

wrapping paper and cool stuff
strewn all over the place,
that's what good Christmas memories are made of...

And for Grandmas....
 good Christmas memories
are sharing some baking time
with her two favorite grand-daughters!

We were all tucked in our bed early that night,
Christmas excitement is pretty grueling ya know!

Especially for this 

Until next time...
Hugs and Happy 2013!


TexWisGirl said...

such cute girls you got to share your christmas joy and your snow with. :)

Bonnie said...

Lisa it sounds like you had a perfect holiday! Happy New Year to you. Bonnie

Melinda said...

What fun you had.
The girls are adorable!

We did have some snow for Christmas here in KC but not as much as you did.

Happy New Year!

barb said...

Christmas went by way to fast...as always. Now to get through the rest of winter.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday with your family!

Country Girl said...

Oh, how adorable they are. And what a wonderful group of images here, as always. I absolutely love your winter scenes.

Lynne said...

Precious little ones. Such a joyful post. And a little one who loves to play in the snow . . . Perfect!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

It sounds like you had a perfectly joyful Christmas with those 2 cuties! So glad you had lots of snow for them to enjoy.

Candy C. said...

Your grand-daughters are a couple of cutie pies!! :) Looks like a lovely Christmas was had by all!!

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Julie Hargreaves said...

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