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Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Rascals

Anybody remember this show? 

I thought about 
"the gang"
many times 
whilst I was baby-sitting
another gang....

I spent 6 days and 6 nights
with 4 youngsters
while their parents
are off vacationing in
Costa Rica.

      Chaos - Trouble - Sicky and Whiney

4 kids, 3 colds,
poopy pants,
screaming and yelling,
running and jumping,
hitting and pushing....

{I've never been so
happy to be home!}    


Are all kids so difficult to please
at the dinner table these days?

If it wasn't a hotdog
or a slice of processed cheese
these kids would not touch it...

It had to be the right color,
the right texture, the right label....

Every meal time 
4 little food critics
would gather around the table
and beat me up 
with their dirty looks
and complaints!
Gross!!  Ickkkkk!!  EEEooooooouuuu!!

It was grueling and mentally exhausting
for me....

I was not raised like that at all!!!

If you didn't like what was on your plate
you didn't express it -
you just sat there and ate it 
and then thanked the person who cooked it for you!

On the last night...
much to their shock 
and amazement,
 I just let them 
fix their own dinner...

tomato soup
ham sandwiches
and cheese tortillas

NOT my idea of a wholesome meal,
but it was worth seeing some smiling faces
at the table!

We survived a 4 hour power outage
We did have some fun play times together...
playing Wii, making Valentines,
watching movies, you name it... 
and they actually think the snack bar
I put together for them 

By the end of my visit
I actually had the little three-year-old
pooping normal.
the poor thing spends most of 
his days whining and trying to poop!!
I was shoving water and peache
at him constantly
(I don't believe in laxatives for kids either!)
not when there's fruits and vegetables!
anyway when a little kid's
poop is your big triumph for the week....
 Maybe it's time to step back
and re-evaluate my life's purpose??

Happy Friday!
Hugs and Peace and Quiet,


TexWisGirl said...

oh, lordy! you must be exhausted!

i ate the food in front of me without a word - except for squirrel. couldn't do it. okay. rabbit, too. i'd eat all the veggies but just couldn't do the meat.

Country Gal said...

Yeah well kids these days get to do and have what ever they want and lots of process food causes problems like that . I was raised like you if you didn't like what's on your plate you either ate it and kept quiet or went with out . I bet your exhausted I know I would be ! Lovely photos . Get some R&R and have a good weekend !

barb said...

Funny post...I'm still laughing. If you would have called for advise on a stopped up child I would have suggested a suppository, hahaha

Country Girl said...

Poor nutrition is the easy way out when parents are too stressed to make healthy dinner choices. I can't stand when kids eat this way but I applaud your snack bar and the way you had them make their own dinner. They CAN learn to eat more healthy. If they are hungry enough, they will eat it . . . right?!

(welcome home ~)

Velva said...

I think processed foods is the culprit. Kids develop a taste for high-fat, salty foods and can't develop a palate for the good stuff.

I have two boys,and it has been a struggle at my house too and we cook!

Welcome home.


Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

this is why we don't live near our grandchildren, so we don't have to deal with whining and spoiled ways. As a child my siblings and I ate what was prepared by our mother that night or we went to bed hungry. Kids these days are flipping spoiled.

Michelle said...

Glad you survived! I always ate what was put before me when I was a child. That was just how it was!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Cute post! Glad you survived your cute little rascals.

Michaele said...

Oh my goodness. There should be another name for the time their parents spent away. Vacation from this sounds too understated.

Karen said...

Oh, wow! That doesn't sound like fun AT all! I only raised two kids, but they weren't picky eaters, thank goodness. But then I was fortunate to be a stay-home mom and all their meals were homemade from scratch.

Taking care of other people's kids can be nerve-wracking, I know this from experience. It's always a pleasure to return the 'little rascals', lol!

Nancy Claeys said...

I had to chuckle a little at your expense Lisa -- I am often jealous of others who have grandkids, but your post made me thankful I didn't! Lol. :)

Electra said...

I just had a lovely wander through your beautiful blog. I don't come here enough. Gorgeous photography!!

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Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

O my gosh! I'm tired after keeping one for a few hours. You deserve a metal. And what they cooked, sounds like my nephews. Sorry, but what parents feed their kids and the lack of control is just gonna bite them in the rear some day. Or at least the kids' rear. Love your blog, looking forward to more and thanks for visiting mine.

Melinda said...


M :)