Independence Day 2013



(please, can I sleep for 
a week to rest up 
from all of the 

We relied on the 
grands to entertain us
and they did not disappoint!!

We spent time 
with our family...
all of us on the farm...

enjoying some
baby-back ribs 
for all!!

Our fireworks show
down right


One of the best things
country living
is blowing
up big fireworks...

You can't do that 
in New York City!!


 But, before the big show
we were treated 
to a special
"Twirler Prelude"

Grandma dug out her old
baton and twirling outfit,
 it fit Miss Domino perfectly...

She was a real crowd pleaser...

Just like me back in 1971
(Not Really)
I was too nervous
to remember
my one and only performance
at the school gym!


 Ugh, that was a long time ago!!

Here it is 2013
and our sweetheart
is making me happy
that I'm such  a
sentimental fool
and can't throw anything away!

She warmed up 
the crowd with 
her cute smile
and charming performance...

and then the fireworks began...


The sky lit up
over and over
the "ahhh's" and "oooo's"

Campfires and smores
every night since
a Country
Barn Dance 
on Saturday Night!

We all got "duded" up
for that...

Grandpa was the 
most popular dude 
at the dance!...

How about you,
was your dance card full?

And are you rested up yet??

Give me a week
and I'll be missing
the screams and giggles...

 I hope your holiday
was a Blast!

God Bless the USA,


Buttons said…
Family fun on the farm there is nothing better. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful family. B
barb said…
Big celebration...looks like fun was had by all. Love those boots.
Anonymous said…
LOVE the baton photos. I twirled a bit in my own backyard as a young thing... never in school, but for fun.

OH, and you can't beat a good rib! Made my mouth water.
ann said…
An all-American holiday. Your photos are wonderful, especially of the little girls. I like the one of the little girl in front of the red building. So classic. So American. So much love.
TexWisGirl said…
those girls are adorable - as were you!!! :)
Country Gal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Country Gal said…
Fantastic photos ! Glad all had a great time ! Thanks for sharing .Now go get some rest lol ! Have a good day !
Sounds like it was a perfect family holiday! Love those girls with their boots.
Melinda said…
What fun you had!
Miss Twirler looks adorable.


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