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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Barn Charm Revisited

I haven't done
a Barn Charm post
in so long...

I miss the old relics!

Summer is too busy
for me to be wandering around
the countryside but,

we do have an old
beauty in our back yard!!


Her chippy red paint 
makes even the peskiest of weeds 
look pretty....

 I was out checking
on the choke cherries 
one morning 
and saw this...


She's losing her shingles and another
door fell off this summer...

oh well, I know there are
barn charm fans out there 
that will appreciate her!

just as much as the birds 
appreciated our choke cherries!

They were all gone the next day!

Thanks, Tricia, for
your wonderful 
"Barn Charm"
linky party.

Please, pop over via my link 
and visit some more old relics.
Click "here"

Have a happy day!


Lynne said...

Wow . . . I loved these photos Lisa.
First the barn with Golden Rod against the chipped red, then the hazy barn in the background with the more vibrant choke cherries . . . and then simply the beautiful red of the choke cherries.
Very, very nice!

barb said...

Loved photo 2, looks like a water painting. I did a farm blog today also...hawgs. haha

ann said...

Old barns here, too, are falling down,board by board. I often wonder why folks don't keep them up. Your picture is great.

Brian King said...

The old barns are beautiful!

TexWisGirl said...

love your 'watercolor' effect. gorgeous!

Karen said...

Loved this post, all the old barns are a favorite of mine, too. Your photography is amazing! Unfortunately, we lost a lot of barns to a bad storm this past week, it's so sad to see them gone forever. Posts like yours keep them alive in our memories, though.