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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Go Jump In The Lake

How's your summer?

Any time to just "be"?

Me neither!!

My summer to-do list
just keeps growing as fast
as the weeds around here...

But, we did manage to take
a break away from
the usual grind of work,
weeds, and canning
for some lakeside
fun with 
my sister's family...

The invitation said...
A lakeside retreat
with plenty of food and fun

she had

It didn't matter to me,
we had no fancy boat to 
stroll around on the water...

the view from the shore
was good enough 
to get me through 
another South Dakota winter!

With coffee cup in hand,
the sights and sounds
of  the water make for
a blissful morning...

Plenty of flowers to photograph...

Chillin' out...

No heavy agenda needed
to keep us entertained...

just a little
scavenger hunt
to keep the twin grand-daughter's
busy between campfires...

Their Aunt Tara would
keep them circling the cabin
looking for things on the list...

When their sand buckets were full,
it would be story time on the dock...

I hear Grandma B tells 
a pretty good Wizard of Oz
(only if she doesn't forget
the witch part!)

Summer fun at the lake...

Ahhh, what a relaxing weekend it was!!

Smore's anyone?

See you next summer
back at the lake!!

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. B
for the invite!
The Salls


TexWisGirl said...

even max had buddies to play with! :)

barb said...

You're welcome. Same time same place 2014? Great pictures. Love that new header.

Tara J. Okerson said...

What a fun post. I was so happy when mom said you guys were coming! I miss my Aunt Lisa so see you sooner but also same time same place next year!

Michaele said...

What a fantastic summer post!

Melinda said...

Awesome! So much fun.

My lazy days are almost over.
I officially go back to school
this coming Friday!! Unbelievable.
Where did the Summer go?

: o )

Country Gal said...

Looks and sounds wonderful ! Awesome post and WOW ! great photos ! Thanks for sharing . Now I need to pop down to our lake for a bit of a retreat lol ! Have a great weekend !

Lynne said...

Love the photos . . . what summer is all about! Water, sand, games, s'mores, family, pets, games . . . sun helps too!

ann said...

A wonderful post. There is nothing like a lakeside retreat with family. Great memory photos. The little girls are sweet.

Casey said...

What a great time it looked like! Excellent job with the photos, too. They're awesome!