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Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Bloomers

It's Monday...

that means
back to work...

Photo Source: City Farmer News

Sall helped me pick the pickles
yesterday, so at least
I'm not faced with that this a.m....

but, the yard sure looks shabby!!

time to do some serious weed patrol,
some serious lawn mowing!

If you're up for it,
you can put on your
comfy bloomers and 
come on over!
I have an extra hoe for ya!

Or you can just sit where
you are and enjoy watching
some bloomers from there!....

(the OTHER kind of Bloomers!!!...Geesh!)

this fazzled-looking spent clematis blossom
reminds me, I need a haircut!!

Good Monday to you,
may your bloomers be shining 
in all the right places!

(Maybe I should've called this post "Twisted Bloomers"?)

It's Monday, what can I say...



TexWisGirl said...

very pretty bloomers. ;)

Brian King said...

Gorgeous flowers, Lisa!

Loretta Thomas said...

Lisa Beautiful Blooms!!!

barb said...

You really do have big bloomers there Mrs Sall.

Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos and post ! I will put on my bloomers and be over to give you hand and I will even bring my own hoe lol ! It was a long weekend for us here in Canada so Monday for us was a lazy day hehe ! Thanks for sharing !Have a good week !

Lynne said...

Pretty bloomers, nice post . . .