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Sunday, October 20, 2013


If you travel across South Dakota
right now you'll see the 
same sign everywhere...


With an economic boost
of $25 Billion dollars in sales
the red carpet has been rolled out 
to welcome hunters from everywhere! 

Yesterday was opening day
and the pheasant hunters 
gathered and hunted...

I had the pleasure of walking
and hunting along side 
a group of investment bankers
from all over the U.S.

I took pictures for them
and put together
a slideshow CD
as a souvenir
of their South Dakota
Hunting Adventure...


 Unlike today's windy and cold weather,
yesterday was the perfect day
for hunting...

Nice and sunny...

just enough clouds in the sky
to make the pictures perfect!

these hunters 
were getting a glimpse 
of how lucky we 
are to live in South Dakota...

after 4 hours of marching through
corn strips on a professional hunt,
I went over to our local hunt 
and walked along with them...


the same beautiful scenery...


row after row of bird feed
and cover...


we walked in some pretty big 

too big for the amount 
of hunters in our local group

I think we were just chasing 
animals around,
or maybe 
they were 
just chasing us around?

see the deer looking at me
in this shot...

here's a closer look...


he was running up ahead of 
me giving all the 
pheasants the heads
up that hunters 
are coming!

I made it over and around
and at the bottom was 
this quagmire of brush...

I thought I was just gonna
have to give up and live with 
the deer here!

Seriously by this point 
my legs and feet were so tired,
I was ready to call a helicopter
to lift me out of there!

My boots wouldn't stay tied,
the weeds kept catching them,
It felt like walking in quick sand!
Every step the tall bent over stalks
would grab my feet and hold them!

the guys were all way ahead of me,

who's dumb idea was this anyway?

from there it turned into a jungle
of 10 foot tall sorghum and pure mud...

I struggled all the way back to the road!
When I got in the truck I told Sall
I'm going home!
Seven hours of hunting was plenty...
then I spent the next 7 hours
editing 400 photos.
By 2:00 today I had all of 
my souvenir CD's ready to deliver...
All of the hunters loved the pictures!
Thank Goodness,
maybe I can buy
a massage session
with my earnings!

Take care and
don't get taken down
by monster weeds,

p.s. here's a link to the SD Game Fish and Park website on the economic impact hunting has on our state, INTERESTING! click here


TexWisGirl said...

you were a trooper. :) sure is pretty country - even with monster weeds to grab you.

barb said...

Love the deer.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

How was the hunting Lisa? Did the hunters get many birds? There are not a lot of pheasants in SW Mn this year.

Bonnie K said...

I would love that. Did you see my photos of our pheasant hunt last year? I had so much fun! It is a great adventure. I'm sure the hunters enjoyed the photos. I know I love looking at ours.

Lynne said...

Love, love your photos. Reminds me of Iowa and my dad pheasant hunting. Such an excellent photographer you are! Did you get some snow . . . Mr Deer has great camouflage in the corn fields. Some snow might change things!