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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Let's Go For a Walk

I have not heard those
words for so long...

when the thermometer
reaches 50 degrees F,
you jump at the chance
for a long walk...

I quickly grabbed my camera
and my boots 
and off to the trees
we went...

I think little Miss Jazz
was the MOST excited...

She was here, there, and everywhere...
covering more ground 
than the three of
us put together...

"C'mon everybody, 
keep up with me!"

Max found it a little 
"it's a good thing this 
is just a private walk."

for such a long, cold winter
we couldn't believe how 
little snow there was in 
our tree grove...

Every year the snow blows in
and leaves piles as high as 
the bird nests...

this year I don't think the 
weeds even went dormant,
they are still green under
the dead cover...

Maybe I should be
out looking for
4 leaf clovers?

I'm sure the dogs
would approve of 
a daily hunt...

They love to track down
the pheasant trails in
the tall switch grass!

and there are enough
other smells to keep
a curious puppy busy
for days!

 Now I can't wait for her
to dig up her first row of pickles!

Eight more days
until it's official
(don't put away that snow shovel yet!)



barb said...

Jazz is really the easter bunny with her ears up in the air.

Brian King said...

Beautiful shots! The dogs are having fun!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

That cute little Miss Jazz sure looks like she is enjoying herself! We haven't reached 50 here yet but there's a chance of that tomorrow. I sure hope so. That would take care of a lot more of our snow.

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! It was that warm here yesterday then today we got hit by a big snow storm BLAH !! Thanks for sharing . Jazz is growing like weed ! Have a good week !

Lynne said...

Inspiring . . . and beautiful pictures. Love the flopping ears of the pup . . .
Happy Days Are Here Again!
I won't put the snow shovel away though . . .

ann said...

It's a dog's life for sure. The snow shovel is still on the porch with more snow in our future for a few more weeks. Love the bird house photo.

Ida said...

What a wonderful series of photos. The joy is so evident on your dogs faces. They were truly enjoying that outing.

Bonnie K said...

There is nothing more joyful than dogs enjoying a run. They look so happy. I'm glad to see you aren't snowshoeing. I have a while before I put mine away. Thanks for the happy shots.

TexWisGirl said...

sweet, happy pups!

Shelly said...

Loved this post! All of your photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing your walk with us.