Top Of The Morning To You

Happy Monday
Blogging Friends!

Isn't March flying by?

 The weather has been crazy...

one day like a lamb,
the next day like a lion...

I have been enjoying
some "alone" time in my studio...

Just me, my computer, and my mod podge...

I made up my mind...

I want to fill up a box with
fresh new SPRING TIME
wall art
Memory Blocks
to sell at

Sweet Grass

it seems creativity
only sparks when I am alone...
and now that the days are getting longer
and warmer,
the ideas are flowing 
like a raging river!!

how about you?

are you a crafter...

or a slacker?

If you've been nappin',
wake up and smell the coffee
and join me at Sweet Grass
where I'll be peddling my creations!

Their back room is loaded with
unique and original items
from local craftsmen and artists.

Have a super Monday!


Country Gal said…
Wonderful photos ! I play a bit with my photos but I am mostly out taking the photos as I love photography and being outdoors with nature more then inside lol . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !
barb said…
You go girl...great work.
TexWisGirl said…
lovin' that fat cat! just want to pet that belly!

happy spring to you!!
Lynne said…
Enjoy your crafting, no napping like the kitty cat . . .
I agree . . . March is flying by in Madness!
Melinda said…
It is a flying, for sure!

Crafting when I can. I did make a baby gift recently and I did a post
about it on St. Pat's day.

M : )
I'm definitely being a craft-slacker these days. Pretty kitty in the basket. :)

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