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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm Still Here

I bet you think I gave up on you!!!

I couldn't do that...

I've just been caught
up in a whirlwind called

I suppose I could go into details and
catch you up on all that has had me in it's grips...

like moving my mom into an assisted living home 
(dragging her heals and kicking the whole way!)

dealing with all of Mom's "stuff" 
(and believe me, all 4 closets were stuffed with stuff!)

dealing with siblings that don't want to deal with stuff!
being accused of taking stuff!
Parents, take note!
Deal with your own stuff BEFORE
your kids have to!!

 I'm sure, after the dust settles 
everyone will be speaking again
and the hatchet can get buried in the nest
until the next big hubbub rolls around.

Speaking of disasters...
did you happen to catch my hometown on the national news??

Little Wessington Springs had a huge tornado
blow through town!
It wiped out and/or destroyed approximately 28 homes!
Three businesses were flattened
and zero injuries!!

So many people we know have been affected 
by this tragedy!  

What a blessing that no one was hurt,
everybody took the warnings seriously and
took immediate cover as this storm 
swept over the south east side of town!

here is a link to an early story by CNN
there have been many follow-up stories since 
the storm hit on June 18th, if you are interested 
you can google Wessington Springs tornado to see more coverage!

My last post goes way back to May 5th...
that was around the time my Mother took ill 
and we were scheduled to take a trip to Iowa
to see the kids before they moved!

That weekend trip was the last time I remember
feeling relaxed!

We had the best time "away from it all"...

We went to my favorite store...
Sisters Garden...
It's an Iowa version of Junk Gypsies
Love, Love, Love...

The kids are moving to New Mexico next...
oh, how I'm gonna miss Iowa 
and it's quaint antique shops...

Between episodes of Junk Gypsies
and my visits to Iowa's Sisters Garden
I was inspired to do my own little art show
at Sweet Grass...

Nothing major, just a fun day of showing off
my sister's bags and pouches and some 
of my own original canvases to friends and customers
on the front porch of the coffee shop!
(I could definitely do that more often!)

I would love to be a regular at the Farmer's Market
in a little bigger town...
selling art and flowers 

Anyway...amongst all of the other drama and chaos
we took on two more "little tornadoes"
their names are 

 they stayed with us for two weeks
after school got out!

We had tons of fun,
some good giggles,
and even learned how to ride  a
bike without training wheels!

Grandpa kept'em busy and wet
out in the garden!

Oh my, what a busy summer
this has been...


Next post I'll 
fill you in on the bathroom remodel we did
(just in time for the big 4th of July bash)
the saga of the crop sprayer 
spraying on a windy day and 
killing our cucumbers, tomatoes, flowers, etc!!
and my unfortunate case of carpal tunnel and bone spurs...

oh yes, "life" just keeps happening 
at the Sall Farm!

Y'all come back now!

Hugs from the country!!


Buttons said...

Oh Lisa I had to go through the same thing with my Mom and had the same things happen as you it was something I would never want to go through again and I own the house my Mom was living in and we are still trying to fix it up since she moved out almost a year ago oh family love them but boy oh boy it brings the worse out in people.
I am so sorry about your town and your kids moving. You have a lot on your plate. Welcome back. HUGS B

Country Gal said...

It is hard to go through this kind of thing with our aging parents but it is all part of life , all will be said and done in the end and all will be back to normal before ya know it ! Sorry to hear of your town being demolished by a tornado but am glad no one was hurt .Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

barb said...

So glad you're back. Its a crazy life, that's for sure. Love that new header...and just about everything else here. Love your work.

Lynne said...

Happy for your return . . . My oh my, you have had a busy, busy summer! Loved the final picture . . . Hugs back to you!

Melinda said...

Hope the drama settles soon!
Families are good for that.

Sounds like your Summer has been
BUSY! Take it slow.

M : )

ann said...

You have been quite busy. Moving a mom is the hardest task. Hopefully she will setting in nicely. Family dynamics can get unpleasant, but somehow we always seem to survive them. Missed the tornado. I wouldn't have know it was in your area, but now that you mention it…. Those storms do so much damage. I can't imagine. Hope things quiet down for you.