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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Deer Camp 2014

Welcome to Deer Camp....

an incredible amount 
of trophy bucks
hunted and harvested
in a 10 square mile area!


 we can't remember 
a better deer season
opener  EVER....

These eight hunters
(all friends and neighbors)
had a fantastic hunt 
and could not wait to haul their
tagged deer back to camp
and share their stories...

Taylor (on the right) has hunted deer before.
Her sister, Tyra, (on the left...)
shot her first deer today....

It's a FIRST for both girls
to be included with the 
Seasoned Veterans
at Deer Camp...

The old boys and the young girls
all agreed this season's
amazing antler harvest
is a first 
was worth taking a group photograph...

a picture for the history book
proof of 
one hell-of-a-hunting story!!

Good Work Hunters!


Michelle said...

That is quite a haul! Congrats to all of the hunters. My son and husband harvested three for the winter freezer! One was a 10 point.

Velva said...

Oh wow! Congratulations!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


ann said...

Quite a successful group. I especially like that the young ladies were successful. Does anyone archery hunt? My husband hunts with his bow. Has for years.

Bonnie K said...

What a beautiful harvest! Some real wall hangers. It is so good to see the young ladies hunting. I know it is a sport I fully enjoy. Thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

Opening weekend here in Wisconsin, too, but I did not see one deer. I think they all moved to your area, Lisa! Amazingly successful hunt, trophies abound!

troutbirder said...

Success indeed. Here in Bluff County S.E. Minnesota the deer hunting is as good as ever. Pheasants not so much as the sloughs and fencerows are gone. I might have to take up turkey hunting...:)