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Wednesday, November 19, 2014



it's here!

I don't like the smell of it
or the feel of it...

But, it's here to stay
and I really 
don't have anything to say about it...

 We had some hunters and their dogs
here from North Carolina...

Their dogs didn't mind
hunting in the cold white stuff...

But the men were a little cold!!!

The pheasants were tough to track down
and quick to escape....

 But, they all have some 
good stories to take back
to North Carolina

 They actually shot some birds
to take home!

 and they have some good memories of freezing
in the fields of South Dakota!

Y'all come back now!

Our resident pheasants have all left the property
now too...
They tend to hide out near
farm feed lots when the snow gets deep.
Can't say I blame them!

If I were a bird,
I'd want to be a goose!
Winter in the south
Summer in the North

Some birds
(like people)
are just smarter than others!

Until next time...
(I'll be hanging out in the fields)


barb said...

That's a beautiful dog. I love winter but you will find me in front of the fire.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Glad the hunters from NC had some good stories and memories to take home.
It's just been a little too cold for so early in the season.
I really like the photo of the woods with the snow.
Stay warm!

Bonnie K said...

That was a beautiful hunting dog. Did the wind blow also? It sure has been blowing here. Glad everyone enjoyed the hunt. As always, great photos.

Lynne said...

Beautiful photography.
I loved your post . . .

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! It is cold here that's for sure wind chills have been -19 BRR and we got hit with the clipper that hit Boston . Oh well Canada is known for it's whisked winters lol and it aint even officially winter yet that is still a month away who knew eh? lol Have a good weekend !

Ida said...

I just loved those shots of that dog in the snow. They were gorgeous.

Karen said...

Love all the photos, it's just like being out in the field with the dogs! It's been cold here too, except for today when we're enjoying a muddy 44 above. The snow all melted, but we know that won't last. I agree with you, the geese are a LOT smarter than I am, too!