Cat Naps and Creativity

As much as I love
being outdoors,
I have to say this 
winter may be too short!!

Sall and I converted our
yucky, leaky, dark and dungy
garage to a studio late last fall.
It still has some work to be done yet,
but it's good enough for me!
I quickly set up shop as soon 
as the insulation was finished....

this has been my favorite
place to "BE" all winter long,
my work table has been
a mess of paints, papers, and projects
just as long...

who needs finished walls??
all I needed was plenty of table space
for lots of ideas and canvases to pour on to!

Here's a little seasonal sampling
of what I've been up to...

There's nothing better than
a little artistic space
to pour your heart out...

 I love that it has lots
of table space 
and a huge window 
that overlooks our little
piece of the prairie....

as you can see I have to share 
my creative space with a cat 
or two or three...

Cats, Canvases, Paints and Prairie...

Have a Happy Day,Friend!


Country Gal said…
I like your studio nice big window and furry friends to share it with yes perfection indeed . Lovely photos and great art work to ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !
barb said…
Your studio is lovely!
Bonnie K said…
What fun! I like the projects.
Ida said…
What a lovely studio space. I like your art work and of course seeing that sweet kitty enjoying the space too.

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