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Friday, March 20, 2015

Random 5 Friday

I'm joining with Nancy this week
for Random 5 Friday....

This rotten cold won't leave me alone!
It's got me in head lock, but I keep fighting back...

1. My kitchen's getting painted this week 
(even if it kills me!)
I need a lighter brighter room for a change,
something that will work with all of my old blue jars....

2.  There's a big bull sale going on today,
if I can get one coat on the walls I may have
to travel down the road and check it out.

 3.  Sall has been out tilling in the garden this week,
time to think about lettuce and garlic going in. It's supposed
to get up to 70 degrees today, he will be tempted to plant something!!

4.  It was grand-daughter #2's birthday yesterday.
She turned 5! 

5.  I'm smitten with Andy Grammer's music!
Just added 3 of his songs to my play list...
Are you bouncing in your seat yet?

Happy Friday,
(back to my paint roller)

here's a link to Random 5 Friday


Snap said...

Hope you get rid of your cold soon. Enjoy the painting! Happy Birthday to grand-daughter #2! Like your blue jars. Planting time ... must be spring!

Country Gal said...

Hope that cold goes away soon for you and you get to feeling better ! Lovely photos . Happy First day of Spring and Happy belated B-day to a pretty young lady there ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

barb said...

Happy birthday Zelda!

Michelle said...

I am with you on the lighter and brighter theme. Painting over spring break in a couple of weeks!

Marie said...

Cutie pie granchild! Happy Birthday! Love your blue jars. Hope your cold gets better soon.

pattisjarrett said...

I hope you'll share your new paint so we can see what you decided on to go with your lovely jars. Grandkid time--the best! Happy birthday to Zelda.