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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Brief Update

 The days get away from me...
every day I want to sit down 
and post some pictures
and blog about something

but then another chore appears
and hours later...
no blog post
and the chores keep on coming!

today is the day...

I just have to share these magnificent trees!

We took a Sunday drive to a friends 
house by Willow Lake...

His yard is lined with
these giant beauties...

 Silver Poplars
planted back in the 20's...

 They just leaned 
every direction
each branch extending
in the most fearful ways
as if trying to grab 
onto the next tree's limbs!

it was a fun little trip,
and the dogs enjoyed the 
tour of all the trees and buildings...

We finally got a little rain
(if you can call 30/100ths that)

the Christmas cactus got
to come out and get 
a fresh rain shower....

I think the wind has blown
9 days out of 10 here
with gusts up to 50 m.p.h.

The wild plum bushes are blooming
on the prairie...

I dressed up and braved the wind
and the ticks to go get a picture
of ours...

the wind had taken it's tole
on the field bushes already...

hardly any petals on these poor flowers...

Miss Nosey wasn't going to
let me go out to the trees 
without her!
("great" more ticks to pick!)

We have one tree closer to the house
and more protected from the winds...

 It was just starting to open it's blossoms...

 I grabbed one of it's branches
to take to a warmer spot!

This is it as far as live flowers,
I'm so hungry for some color...

last night the frost did in
our lilac bushes
 That makes two years in a row now!

Anyway, between a couple painting jobs...
painting our own kitchen and dining room...
a little more done in our workshop/studio...
filing the @#$&* taxes...
the usual cleaning, laundry, yardwork, etc.
we have managed to get away for a little fun
a trip to the Opera House
to see a real live Cowboy Laureate
and hear his cowboy poetry...

which was a real treat for a couple
of old prairie bums!

And speaking of old...

since my last blog post, I turned another year older!

just another day on the prairie
is what it was,
but this delicious carrot cake
from Sweet Grass
(our favorite coffee and sweet shop)
made the day a lot

Which reminds me...
tomorrow I will be posting 
something sweet for all of my followers,
friends, visitors, occasional commenters,
anonymous peekers, and face book stalkers!
So tune in tomorrow for something special.
You like FREE don't you?
Happy Wednesday,


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! You make life on the prairie seem quite nice.

janice15 said...

The trees look fasnating. Sometimes I think I should be out on a farm but then again I think I should have been a Victorian woman. Lovely post thanks for sharing hope you had a grat day with love Janice

Robyn Goddard said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

We are dry in the northwest corner of the state too. We ended up with .55" of rain on Saturday. Like east river the wind has been a consistent issue here and the dirt continues to fly.

Your wild plumb blooms are gorgeous. I'm still waiting on blooms. This morning it's 28* and yesterday it was 24*. I might be waiting a little while.

Ida said...

Belated Birthday Greetings. The carrot cake sounds yummy.
Your dog is handsome.
I think you live in a lovely area. It's neat to see other parts of the country through blogs like yours.