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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend Recap

Belated Easter Blessings, Friend!
Was your Easter Weekend 
packed with family, friends, and fun?
We spent a quiet (but busy)
weekend at home
trying to prepare
for everything that comes 
with glorious spring weather...

I didn't dye any Easter eggs
(come to think of it, I can't remember 
the last time I did?)

Colorful farm fresh eggs are just as pretty aren't they?

trying to paint them on your computer 
turned out to be more time consuming 
than actually dipping them in dye!!

 Our Easter treat
came in the form of 
home made potato salad!!

I whipped up a small batch 
of Mom's delicious recipe
with an extra dash of our own secret ingredient
(SallFarm Pickle juice adds just the right ZING!)

While the salad sat in the fridge

We went for a ride in the country...

chasing down a good 
prairie picture 
or two....

The prairie seldom fails to provide
a good shot of nature doing it's thing....

The photographer that passes up 
a bird on the fence post,
an old piece of machinery rusting in a field,
a cow looking at you stupidly,
or just something blooming out in the middle of no where....

well, that photographer 
just isn't focusing on a good picture
but, something else...

needless to say,
I dished up a double dip
of Mom's potato salad
as soon as I got home!

with a pickle on top!
Life is good!!

Now if I could just chase down a nice rain...

that would be worth a TRIPLE DIP!!

Have a happy Tuesday,
(blessings to you and yours)


Michelle said...

Nice to see you had a lovely Easter!

Melinda said...

Sounds like a good day!
As always great pics.

M : )