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Friday, May 1, 2015

Some Country Memories

Happy May Day!!

 Mother Nature is teasing us 
with these little
tiny spit-showers here and there.
(did you ever get a spit-bath from your Grandma?)
 Ughh, not pleasant!
That's about all we can get this spring...
We can't seem to buy a good rain shower,
so it's been a daily chore 
to go out to the garden
and hose off Grandma's Mother Nature's spit!!

The garlic and onion crops
have been surviving well...

and just this morning I noticed 
some apple blossoms!!

I've been so busy around here lately,
it's time to stop and smell the roses 
stop and take some more photos!!

Speaking of photos...
have you been digging through
your photographs...
deciding on which one
to have made into a 16"x20" canvas??
Remember to give me a comment to enter your name in my drawing

My last post has all the details
check it out!!
Pick out a photograph (your own)
and say "Hey, sign me up!"
either here
on face book
on instagram
email me...
contact me some how and your IN!!

and just in case you aren't into mounting
your own photography,
you can buy mine at Sweet Grass
in Wessington Springs!

Here's my latest piece....
"Greener Pastures"

There is something about this scene
that reminds me of happy childhood days
"eating out" at the local cafe
Aggie's Cafe.
There was a huge picture of some Herefords
hanging over the corner booth...
Mmmm, Aggie's french fries and those
cows watching over me...
Life was good!
(if I don't sell them, they'll be in my
kitchen...nothing says country
like a couple of cows and a windmill!)
Anyway, these two heifers are available
to purchase and are on display 
at our local coffee shop!

Thanks for stopping by and taking
a little side trip down memory lane with me!
(anyone hungry for french fries?)
Have a great weekend!

P.S. Since there's a Fence between those cows and us,
I'll be entering this post in Theresa's Good Fences #58
link to it here for more great blog posts with fences!!


TexWisGirl said...

sweet cow photo! :) i saw a fence in your garden shot, too. hope you get some rain for the spring growth!

Betsy said...

Love the cows and windmill picture. Would love some fries right now.

Melinda said...

We had that kind of rain this
Great post!

M : )

Bonnie K said...

You sure do good work. I love the windmill in the background!

barb said...

Cows are the new rooster pics. I love them.