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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

 At the Gann Valley 130th Anniversary Celebration
there were fun times and games galore...

There were prizes and trophies
for all kinds of winners...

Lollipops were more prized than trophies
in the minds of the little people...
(it's still unclear if this little boy actually
won that lollipop or if he confiscated it 
from his cousin??)

Little Bailey was pretty proud 
of her trophy for winning the girl's round
at the kid's pedal tractor pull..
(especially since she did better than most of the boys!)


This couple was "mighty" proud of 
the cash prize they won for 
the fastest time at the 
four-wheeler Blind barrel race competition...

I think these two gals won trophies
for their skills at throwing Buffalo Chips
(that's right, real buffalo s#*!)
which probably explains why
the gal on the right has her
hand behind her back...
(eeoouck, where's the hand sanitizer?)

There was also a men's category winner...

P.S. that photo bomber isn't a sore loser
he's the game official passing out the trophies
(and a serious one at that)

these couples were winners at the 
bean bag toss tournament....

and last but not least
we have a winner of the 
Kyle Evans Memorial Trailride 
Raffle Drawing...

I'd be smiling too if I just won 
Heritage Rough Rider 22 Caliber Revolver
 with custom made Holster 

(well, my husband would be happier than me!)

Best of all...

everyone that took part in
the Gann Valley Celebration
was a winner just 
because this little community
knows what fun is all about!

Thanks for stopping by today,
hope you have a winning day!


barb said...

Hope everyone gets on board and orders a video or book of the fun day. A few years from today those mementoes are fun to have. I love mine!

barb said...

ps. hope you took home the prize for best decorated outhouse.