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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Making Memories

Gann Valley, South Dakota
Population: Unknown...

that is,
everyone I asked 
had a different count!
But the numbers they gave me
ranged in the 10 to 20 category
not 10 - 20 "thousand"
just 10 to 20!

But when the town of 13 (or so)
decides to have a celebration...
they come in droves!

 "The little town with a big heart"

They open their streets and their yards
to anyone who wants to have a 
fun day and enjoy a little
old fashioned community spirit...

I captured as many smiles as I could
and gathered them all together
in a 20 page photobook and a 20 minute video...

the DVD is $15.00
the Book is $45.00

If you would like to order one or both
contact me directly or order online with a credit card
just hit the buy now button on the top right.
Also we will have copies at the courthouse
and at Ken's Station to purchase.

Thanks for the memories,

1 comment:

Bonnie K said...

Gotta love it. Once in awhile Harrold has a shindig. The funnest event is the slowest tractor contest!