Old Letters & Lace Part 2

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Because I am a nostalgic sap...

Because my sentimental heart breaks
when I find old photos LOST on an auction table...

Because my mother taught me to
appreciate fine things...

and because, as time goes by...

My memories fade and life means more...

 and that is why
it's important
to keep the memories alive

and displaying them in 
a special way shows
their meaning is 
much more than just a sigh!

I just love the way this "Memory Frame"
turned out. Not sure I'll be able to part with it,
as I originally made it to sell at 

Back to the studio,


Country Gal said…
Lovely post and photos of old photos ! Yes I to feel bad for things like that , as well as abandoned barns and old farm houses the just imagine the stories they all could tell if they could . Thanks for sharing Have a good week !
barb said…
Turned out very nice. Love the vintage look of it.

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