Art 101

  I love...

I love to make it...

I love to create it...

And I love to admire it...

Daughter Emily's work in gallery in Kansas City

We love to watch our kids
gain momentum in the ART WORLD
as they create the most 
amazing pieces of art
all across the U.S.

Son Eric's 90"x84" Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas

 They continue to learn and explore,
traveling all over installing massive
and colorful works...

Daughter-in-law's 35'x35' Textile Art hanging in Brooklyn N.Y.

Using their talents 
to make the world 
a more beautiful place...

As I visited our local school last week

I was pleased to find a vibrant ART DEPARTMENT
A young and talented Art Teacher
and students intently working on some awesome projects!

As we live in a small rural town,
I was afraid I wouldn't find an art room at all???

See... I believe just as "good sportsmanship"
 is important to learn,
so is creativity!

A creative mind can change the world,
or at least create a way to make it brighter!

Have a beautiful weekend,


Karen said…
Lisa, how wonderful to have artists in the family! Their works are phenomenal. Is the large hanging piece reflecting on the wood floor made of stained glass?

I wish I'd taken art classes in high school, I was too busy taking secretarial courses (Shorthand for four straight years, which I never used.) Typing came in handy for the blog and my first job, but that was about it. I think we all have beauty within us waiting to be expressed and all it takes is encouragement.

So glad to see the school is including art classes in the curriculum. :-)
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