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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Creative Space

 Creative time is short
around my house...

that's why, when I get
that urge,
I like to have at least 
3 projects going at once...

last week my workshop
was running at full capacity...

I finally got the bottom half
of a friend's cupboard chalk painted
to match the top half we painted a year ago!


It turned out great 
and looks awesome 
in her home!

Black is the new oak!

and Chalk Painting
is my new favorite thing!

Choosing colors is the toughest part...

So many colors, so little time...

Cupboard - Black over walnut

Shelf - Blue over Gray

another shelf - White over Red and Blue
(why did I not get a picture of that one? hmmm)

Wait till you see what I do 
with this old Red and Blue Cupboard door!

 Stay tuned...



Bonnie K said...

There is nothing more fulfilling than making something old into something new again.

Melinda said...

Those look great!

Always a projects in the works.

M : )