Oklahoma Is Calling

My country road companions...

they are missing me
 almost as much as I am missing them,

an adventure has 
taken me to Oklahoma,
(yep, "where the wind comes sweeping down the plains")

the country scenery is much like my homeland...

Big Blue skies are the norm,
except for the occasional tornado coming through...
also like home!

Native American Heritage,
Nature Preserves,
the signs are all there
except there's no "Wall Drug"
on Route 66!

My nest has been in South Dakota for 53 years,
do you think this old Dakotan can step out of her
box and move from one prairie to another?

The jury is out on this one yet,
but with a little luck the Sall's 
may be in for a much milder winter this year!

Stay tuned,


Michelle said…
You have some sweet companions.
Bonnie K said…
That was a surprise ending. Good luck. That would be a tough decision. I love the dogs. I will admit it looks a lot like South Dakota.
The dogs...so cute, so happy!

Beautiful photos!
barb said…
Its south Dakota alright. We just need a pioneer woman.
girlinthecorner said…
Oklahoma will be lucky to have you. Love all the Salls.....where ever they are.

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