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Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse a Total Miss

I kept waiting for it to get dark...
it didn't.

I wished the rain storm away...
it stayed.

My Cheerios box was ready and waiting,
but it was only gonna get soggy if I left it outside...

What a disappointment,
this total eclipse turned out to be...

But, in a summer of total drought,
what would you rather see...
Rain drops 
a Crescent shaped light
through a pinhole
in a cereal box?

We were happy to be on the path
of the rainstorm this time.

I'll put my cereal box away,
in 7 years I'll pull it out
and try it again!

Take care of our planet,


Bonnie K said...

Glad for the rain sorry for the miss. My students saw it. I remember seeing it in 1979 at the one room school, Hidden Valley. Actually all I really remember is getting to wear my dad's welding helmet.

A Colorful World said...

Beautiful photo! So glad you got rain though you missed the eclipse.

barb said...

The clouds cleared just in time where we were...but no glasses or cheerio box so went on my merry way like every other day. Sounds like song lyrics doesn't it?

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