Winter Puppyland

 A winter wonderland...

With Eleven Golden Retrievers,

it's a Winter Puppyland...

Nine puppies born in our studio
this winter has been a lot of fun...

an experience to remember...

We gave all nine of them
love and cuddle time...

It's still so hard to believe 
how fast they grew! 

The bigger they got,
the more they loved playing 
on the piles of snow.

Covered in snowflakes,
they would play until 
they were shivering,

Busy little beavers, when it came to
sharpening their teeth on the lilac branches...

the longer they played outside,
the harder they slept once 
back inside...

I'm missing my puppytime!


Country Gal said…
Oh what lovely puppies and photos . Your house must be very busy and fun with all of them about . Thanks for sharing , have a good week 1
barb said…
Love the croc shot old mother hubbard.
SQUEEEEE!!! Can I just say how jealous I am? How wonderful!! There's nothing like the first snow for puppies, and to get to experience it with 9 puppies, is pure heaven!!!
It's me said…
Owwww so sweeeeeetttt!!!,.......❤️❤️❤️Love puppy's !!...x
Beautiful photos! What sweet-looking pups!

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