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Monday, January 10, 2011

One Sweet Sewing Spot

Snowed in and doing a lot 
of blogging these days!!

There are so many talented people out there
blogging about their projects and hobbies.
Now I'm wishin' I had a project!!
Yesterday my sister blogged about her
sewing spot and before that the baby blankets
she's been crocheting.
Oh how I wish I had some flannel 
and a crochet hook!  Last winter she showed me
how to crochet around a hem-stitched flannel blanket.

I was hooked...I loved doing it, especially on 
winter evenings when I could hear the 
snowy winds swirling outside the window.
My sister is one of those talented seamstress' 
that always has something on her machine
(not to mention something on her knitting needles,
a book on the night stand...
oh, and a blanket on the crochet hook)
She's always got some cute hand-made 
something or other for her twin grand-girlies!!
I'll be visiting her just as soon as the 
roads are clear for a little refresher course
and then off to buy some flannel and some thread!
You can check out her fun blog 
by clicking here.

Another talented seamstress and
  I know is Mrs. Z.

In December I had the opportunity
 to have brunch with my mom's quilting friends.
It was so much fun with the ladies...
I blogged all about Mrs. Z
 and her beautifully decorated home
 (you can visit that post by
clicking here).  She had such an array of
wonderful quilts and I took so many photos
I had to break it up into more than one blog post.

 She has the most awesome sewing room....
a creative space that could even
turn somebody like me into a seamstress!!

I thought her sewing spot was worthy
of a blog post and I'm sure you will agree.
So, if you love to sew or quilt,
put your needle down 
and enjoy a tour of Mrs. Z's sewing room....

I loved all of her old sewing memorabilia,
these reminded me of the toy that my sister had!

such a neat and tidy space 
filled with all the tools she needs 

this is the ultimate machine that 
stitches the large projects.

Machines large and small,
whatever she needs to make gorgeous
quilts like this one 
made from all wool....

Such a fun space filled 
with memories from her school teaching days 
and all of her favorite things...

Who could resist hibernating
 in such a creative space? 

I hope this inspires you, as it has me! 

I'm seeing a cozy blanket with 
a beautiful crocheted border
in my near future!!

What do you want to create today?



Sharon said...

I didn't create anything today, DH had me sorting out boxes from the shed and shredding papers. Fun, huh?

Before my son was born, I crocheted lace edging on his washcloths, I actually still have one, it should be thrown, but, well, you know....

barb said...

Wow! Thanks for the plug and pat on the back. Loved that quilting room. Find your hook, there's a flannel piece and ball of thread here with your name on it. b

Karen said...

What a wonderful post, and such lovely projects. The sewing room is to die for, what a wonderland for any seamstress. Mine is in the basement, and it's ok, but not that cozy. Wish I had learned to crochet; I suppose it's not too late?

Karin said...

Hi Sall or Lisa...Thank you very much for leaving a comment on my blog...I absolutly love your blog the pictures are just great.. the dogs remind me of our golden Retriver, Teshi ... saddly she passed away last year in Fall... we brought her with us from Oklahoma when we moved back to Germany...Your friends quilting space looks really great... I do my entire work on the dining room table...but I can not gripe...its a huge table with enough space for clutter and it still leaves enough room to feed my family of five:)... although I miss the US a lot, we do live in a nice wine country part of Germany and we get to see a lot of exceting places here in Europe...hoping to hear from you again...Best wishes Karin

Carol at Serendipity said...


I am decluttering and organizing and then I am going to sew and knit and crochet. Great post.