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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time For Some Tonic

The sun is getting higher 
and fighting back the frigid cold temperatures

All I can think of 
is green grass 
all kinds of flowers.....

Oh how I miss my flowers....

I think it's time to bring
out my secret potion....

Sall Farm Secret Winter Potion

I bottled these up last summer, 
you can see that post here

I'm sprinkling it here, there and everywhere!
Need some?  Call me.

Thanks for stopping by,


Carol at Serendipity said...


Not exactly sure how you did that but it is very clever! I like the new look. I think we are spring housekeeping! Thanks so much for stopping by.


Karen said...

Hi Lisa, I love your spring in a bottle, how beautiful! We are having yet another snowstorm today...but it can't last forever.

Your barn photos are stunning, we run around here and take many barn photos too. So many are not going to be standing much longer. It's sad. Photos like yours will keep them alive for future generations.

Sharon said...

I think Spring is trying to come, we have all this nagging rain and hardly see the sun, I don't understand how any of the grass is turning green or any of the buds can swell! It's so depressing... rain, rain, rain..... I would prefer it would come in a hurry, instead of all this piddling around!

barb said...

Do I smell Evening in Paris? Can't wait to open the windows to let spring in. b

Verde Farm said...

Can I order a dozen of those?? :) LOL

Buttons said...

Lisa Please keep sprinkling it snowed here again last night now it is raining. Love your cards. B

lisa said...

What gorgeous photographs Lisa!
And yes, I definitely do need some of that sun!!

EG Wow said...

Yep, I like winter...but I AM ready for spring. I could use some magic potion for sure. :)