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Friday, August 30, 2013

Pass The Chips Please!

 How do you like your salsa?





We like ours
just on the spicy side...

in between medium and Hot...


I now have the recipe 
calibrated to perfection...

and I will be spending 
the next couple of weeks
weighing jalapenos
and peeling tomatoes....


 If you think I've gone m.i.a.,
I'm only stuck in a steamy kitchen
making enough salsa to last us 
another year....

How about you,
are you doing any canning?
Is your garden harvest 
overwhelming you?

Keep on chopping!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pickles and Petunias: 1938

Today I'm sharing a post from our sister blog, Pickles and Petunias.
It's all about chickens...
and we all love chickens, Right?

Since we just lost one of our little hens,
I'll dedicate this one to little Whitey ( or should I say old Whitey)
she never got in any of my pictures...
she was always the shy and slow one because of a bad foot.

We think the foot problem finally took her
(so sad, I know)

R.I.P. Whitey

and now we're down to 3...
Sully, Miss Red Hen, and Blackey

Pickles and Petunias: 1938: Lisa... I refer to her as the pickles of this blog, is the sister lucky enough to raise a few chickens on her farm.  (and one very... Read more at Pickles and Petunias.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Farmer In the Dell

I don't know about
your neck of the woods,
but here in South Dakota
the farmers
are busy
harvesting wheat...

  here on 
the Sall Farm
this country girl
is busy canning 
whatever Mr. Sall
brings in to  her kitchen!!

My kitchen sink might be
full of cucumbers one day
and hungarian hot wax peppers 
the next...

The summer's been good
to us this year...
the garden has produced
bushels and bushels 
of cucumbers, onions, garlics...
potatoes, dill, peppers...

I'll be ramping up
the tomato juice and salsa
production any day now!

 I only wish the days
could be longer
I could enjoy
it all more!

 Being stuck in the kitchen
all day scrubbing pickles
was starting to get old...

 Chopping tomatoes and peppers
will be a nice change of scenery for me!

 as long as I'm
able to break free
once in awhile to
enjoy some wild flowers
I'm good as gold!!

If this post makes
you want to break away...

come on out 
to the country!

just tell our
gate keeper
you'd like a tour 
of the garden.


He doesn't accept tips,
just belly rubs!


See you soon!


Have a Happy Day!



Friday, August 16, 2013

Guard Dog On Duty


 These beauties will be 
going in my home made tomato juice
and "Sallsa"!!

 It isn't exactly a brinks truck
it is a little gold mound
from our garden!


Maybe not worthy of 3 armed guards,
definitely worth guarding!

 there are thieves in the neighborhood, ya know...

(just the nuisance variety)

the kind that sneak your food 
when you're not looking 
and hen peck at you all day long...

Max knows well their sneaky and annoying ways...


Always lurking...

ready to swoop in 
at any moment,
given the chance
he might drift off into

 he's not about to let 
them anywhere near this 
load of goodness...

 "I got my eyes on you, Sully"


Just another day at the farm...

Thanks for dropping by!


Have a happy weekend!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Barn Charm Revisited

I haven't done
a Barn Charm post
in so long...

I miss the old relics!

Summer is too busy
for me to be wandering around
the countryside but,

we do have an old
beauty in our back yard!!


Her chippy red paint 
makes even the peskiest of weeds 
look pretty....

 I was out checking
on the choke cherries 
one morning 
and saw this...


She's losing her shingles and another
door fell off this summer...

oh well, I know there are
barn charm fans out there 
that will appreciate her!

just as much as the birds 
appreciated our choke cherries!

They were all gone the next day!

Thanks, Tricia, for
your wonderful 
"Barn Charm"
linky party.

Please, pop over via my link 
and visit some more old relics.
Click "here"

Have a happy day!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Bloomers

It's Monday...

that means
back to work...

Photo Source: City Farmer News

Sall helped me pick the pickles
yesterday, so at least
I'm not faced with that this a.m....

but, the yard sure looks shabby!!

time to do some serious weed patrol,
some serious lawn mowing!

If you're up for it,
you can put on your
comfy bloomers and 
come on over!
I have an extra hoe for ya!

Or you can just sit where
you are and enjoy watching
some bloomers from there!....

(the OTHER kind of Bloomers!!!...Geesh!)

this fazzled-looking spent clematis blossom
reminds me, I need a haircut!!

Good Monday to you,
may your bloomers be shining 
in all the right places!

(Maybe I should've called this post "Twisted Bloomers"?)

It's Monday, what can I say...


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Go Jump In The Lake

How's your summer?

Any time to just "be"?

Me neither!!

My summer to-do list
just keeps growing as fast
as the weeds around here...

But, we did manage to take
a break away from
the usual grind of work,
weeds, and canning
for some lakeside
fun with 
my sister's family...

The invitation said...
A lakeside retreat
with plenty of food and fun

she had

It didn't matter to me,
we had no fancy boat to 
stroll around on the water...

the view from the shore
was good enough 
to get me through 
another South Dakota winter!

With coffee cup in hand,
the sights and sounds
of  the water make for
a blissful morning...

Plenty of flowers to photograph...

Chillin' out...

No heavy agenda needed
to keep us entertained...

just a little
scavenger hunt
to keep the twin grand-daughter's
busy between campfires...

Their Aunt Tara would
keep them circling the cabin
looking for things on the list...

When their sand buckets were full,
it would be story time on the dock...

I hear Grandma B tells 
a pretty good Wizard of Oz
(only if she doesn't forget
the witch part!)

Summer fun at the lake...

Ahhh, what a relaxing weekend it was!!

Smore's anyone?

See you next summer
back at the lake!!

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. B
for the invite!
The Salls