Happy Trails

I followed the trail riders once again...

The Kyle Evans Memorial Trail Ride
started in my home town,
Wessington Springs, SD
and ended 25 miles west 
in Gann Valley, South Dakota

(of course they traveled a lot further
through pastures...
over hills, down cow paths,
and crossing creek beds...)

and I would catch up to them
on some road going no where
to catch a glimpse of a real
wagon train crossing the prairie...

I wished I could wave my magic wand
and turn my trailblazer into 
a Palomino!

Crossing the prairie on the back of a horse
is definitely on my bucket list.

but, for now I will be satisfied 
to stalk the real cowboys and girls
with my camera and try to put
together a trailride photo book.

Some memories just need to be saved on paper, 
not only for the riders, 
but especially for the want-to-be's (like me)
and to challenge the future generations
to keep such a valuable tradition alive!

After a three day trail ride,
the final destination was the 
130th Anniversary Celebration
Gann Valley South Dakota....

It was a beautiful fun-filled 
day for the town,
 people came from 
miles around to enjoy 
food and games and demonstrations
and finally the big dance 
at the firehall!

As for me, 
I will be going through around 3,000 photos
to put together a DVD movie and a photo book
covering the the 2 events.

in the mean time,
check out my Flickr site
to see more photos from Gann Valley
and the Kyle Evans Memorial Trail Ride

Happy Trails!


barb said…
What a great dancehall picture. Those valley people sure know how to kick up their heels.
Michelle said…
I will be checking out your photos. These are good!
Bonnie K said…
My grandpa is from the Pocket. He used to make wagons and always had a team. Someday I will participate in one of those wagon rides to honor his memory. Beautiful photos.

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